Testosterone Levels Sexual Performance And Happy Marriages

Testosterone Levels Sexual Performance And Happy Marriages

Testosterone Levels,​ Sexual Performance,​ and Happy Marriages
Many people consider sex as​ a​ vital component of​ a​ healthy marriage. the​ sexual act is​ not just for the​ purpose of​ satisfying ones libido. it​ is​ about effective communication and intimacy. Many wives claim that they often feel rejected when their husbands lack intimacy. Lack of​ intimacy in​ marriage often takes an emotional and physical toll on​ the​ husband and wife. Their sexual frustrations can also lead to​ stress,​ anxiety,​ and low selfesteem.
On the​ other hand,​ couples who engage in​ regular sexual activities have been reported to​ be much happier and closer as​ a​ marriage partners. Happiness expert Dr. Robert Holden says that,​ . . . sexual intercourse is​ not just an act of​ lust or​ a​ biological need. Sex is​ a​ unique form of​ communication and intimacy. According to​ Dr. Holden One of​ the​ big mistakes I ​ think we​ make in​ relationships is​ that we​ dont give our best energy to​ the​ people that matter most. He said that married partners should work hard to​ have a​ satisfying sex life along with the​ balance of​ a​ gratifying emotional connection.
But why do some couples have trouble with their sex lives. According to​ marriage experts,​ sex problems are just normal. Some of​ the​ common sex problems couples may encounter are boredom,​ lack of​ intimacy,​ low sexual desire,​ and passionless sex.
Another possible reason for sexual frustration may be due to​ the​ failure of​ the​ man to​ perform according to​ the​ expectations of​ the​ female partner. Low testosterone level is​ one reason why some men have poor sexual performance. Testosterone is​ a​ steroid hormone that is​ necessary for sperm production,​ development of​ the​ male reproductive system,​ enhanced libido and energy,​ and immune system function. in​ addition to​ its importance to​ sexual health,​ this hormone aids the​ development of​ many male characteristics like muscles,​ hair patterns,​ and voice modulation. Decreased testosterone production in​ men is​ a​ natural effect of​ aging. This decline in​ production may result in​ a​ low sex drive,​ constant tiredness,​ depression,​ and energy loss. Low levels of​ testosterone can also lead to​ sexual dysfunction,​ bone loss,​ muscle atrophy,​ and mood swings.
There are different testosterone replacement options that may help many individuals keep normal testosterone levels in​ the​ bloodstream. These treatments are available in​ different dosages and may be administered via injections,​ patches,​ gels,​ and pills. Testosterone injections are usually done in​ the​ buttocks. Two popular injected testosterone products are testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate. the​ former is​ injected every three to​ four weeks while the​ latter is​ given every 4 weeks. Like many intramuscular injections,​ these injections may be painful and are usually administered by trained individuals at​ medical clinics.

On the​ other hand,​ testosterone patches and gels,​ help maintain a​ constant level of​ sex hormones and are applied once on​ a​ daily basis. They are usually rubbed on​ clean,​ dry skin on​ the​ back,​ arms,​ abdomen,​ or​ thighs. These products are not designed to​ be applied directly to​ the​ genitals. Also,​ putting the​ patch or​ gel on​ broken,​ oily,​ or​ irritated skin should be avoided. Pills containing testosterone undecanoate is​ another way to​ boost testosterone levels in​ the​ bloodstream. Many testosterone pills are safe to​ use because they are made from natural ingredients. These pills should be swallowed entirely without chewing.

Taking treatments for low testosterone levels should not be done without the​ prior advice of​ a​ health professional. Men are strongly advised to​ talk to​ doctors or​ other medical specialists and weigh the​ advantages and disadvantages of​ these low testosterone medications and treatments. Another focus of​ attention should be on​ maintaining a​ health lifestyle that includes eating good food,​ engaging in​ regular exercise,​ and having adequate sleep. Men should try to​ improve their sexual performance and communicate intimately with their female partners to​ nourish each others feelings. Improvement in​ sexual performance and frequent sex can deepen physical intimacy between married partners and strengthen their bond of​ love which is​ the​ real goal of​ sex in​ marriage.

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