Testing For Inherited Colon Cancer

Testing For Inherited Colon Cancer

Inherited colon cancer is​ an​ issue that both men and​ women need to​ be concerned about. Since this type of​ cancer is​ part of​ the​ DNA coding there is​ nothing you can do prevent the​ fact that you may have it. However, you can get tested for​ inherited colon cancer and​ therefore your doctor can help you prevent it​ from affecting your lifestyle.

Even though inherited colon cancer is​ still a​ major ailment in​ or​ society, the​ number of​ deaths from it​ continue to​ drop due to​ various types of​ testing that have been implemented over the​ past 15 years. Early screenings at​ annual check ups can identify any development of​ polyps. the​ removal of​ them will prevent colon cancer from starting and​ from spreading.

Once polyps have been discovered on an​ individual, they will be scheduled for​ regular follow up appointments. These may be every three months, six months, or​ annually depending on the​ family history of​ inherited colon cancer and​ the​ amount of​ polyps that were discovered. Those with high cholesterol are also at​ a​ greater risk of​ inherited colon cancer. Getting tested for​ that can help to​ detect factors that can be controlled as​ everyone can choose to​ reduce the​ amount of​ fatty foods they consume.

Testing for​ diabetes is​ common for​ those with inherited colon cancer as​ well. Statistics show that individuals with diabetes are 1/3 more likely to​ be diagnosed with inherited colon cancer. Effective treatment of​ their diabetes can help to​ offset the​ development of​ the​ colon cancer.

There are different types of​ screenings that a​ person can have completed in​ order to​ be tested for​ inherited colon cancer. a​ fecal blood test can be done annually when the​ individual goes in​ for​ a​ regular check up. There is​ a​ flexible sigmoidoscopy that can be conducted every five years. a​ full colonoscopy only has to​ be done once every ten years. Your doctor can tell you what tests they recommend you engage in​ based on your family history, your current health issues, and​ your age.

Inherited colon cancer is​ an​ issue you really need to​ be concerned with it​ there is​ any family history of​ it​ at​ all. it​ is​ ranked as​ the​ third highest form of​ cancer diagnosed in​ the​ United States. it​ is​ the​ second largest cause of​ cancer related deaths in​ the​ United States as​ well. While it​ does affect slightly more males than females both sexes need to​ be aware of​ their family history. if​ this isn’t possible then early testing should be part of​ preventative measures.

More than one million people in​ the​ United States have been diagnosed with inherited colon cancer and​ are survivors. Due to​ the​ progressing of​ testing for​ it​ and​ aggressive treatment options early diagnosis definitely has contributed to​ their ability to​ beat the​ odds. it​ can take up to​ ten years from the​ first signs of​ inherited colon cancer being recognized to​ a​ person developing incurable cancer that will spread and​ result in​ their death.

Testing For Inherited Colon Cancer

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