Testing Emails Effectively

Testing Emails Effectively

Testing Emails Effectively
The big picture, which is​ missed by many marketers, about email is​ that apart from being cheap and quick, it​ gives the ability to​ find what works and what does not .​
It is​ inexpensive and offers more information to​ the subscriber than direct mail and the turnaround time is​ decreased from weeks to​ hours .​
Yet, very few marketers invest time and efforts to​ test drive their eNewsletters and emails .​
Many of​ them will question whether the effort made is​ really worth it .​
If the order button is​ shifted from the bottom of​ the page to​ the top of​ the page, where it​ is​ more visible, the click through rate goes up by fifty percent .​
With such results, the effort is​ worth it .​
With hundreds and millions of​ dollars involved in​ email marketing, money cannot be thrown away like that .​
The only way to​ know about offers and topics which work for the audience is​ by testing .​
Testing can be carried out on preferences, emotional triggers, reaction towards subject lines, do they like short or​ long formats, or​ do they like text or​ HTML format .​
Valuable information about the audience can be learned by variable testing .​
Basics of​ the emails can be started with like the simplest portions of​ the emails can be formatted .​
Most of​ the emails aren’t read because of​ faulty HTML code .​
Emails should be tested in​ different types of​ email applications like Yahoo or​ Outlook .​
By doing this a​ drastic change can be observed in​ the overall response rate .​
Testing should be kept in​ control .​
Sometimes marketers get so overwhelmed that they test the whole email at​ once .​
If two completely different versions of​ the same email are send out to​ different groups, there will be no clue to​ what actually worked and what didn’t .​
Therefore it​ is​ necessary to​ pick a​ single element to​ be tested at​ a​ time and then observe the response of​ the audience to​ that particular variable before testing another variable .​
Timing is​ also important when sending out emails for testing .​
When sending multiple test emails, the time of​ sending them out should be considered .​
It is​ to​ be seen whether the emails can be sent at​ the same time, same season, etc .​
This also includes the testing on more than one variable at​ a​ time .​
According to​ researches, Wednesday is​ the best day for getting responses .​
Other statistics say that at​ least thirty to​ fifty responses are required to​ make a​ good decision .​
Some percent of​ these responses can be confusing, but nearly ninety percent of​ them will be accurate .​
The list of​ elements can be further divided into smaller list and the individual list can be concentrated upon .​

Testing doesn’t mean just taking the grade .​
It means that we should get the grades or​ results and learn from it .​
If something is​ wrong in​ the email, the correction should be sought out .​
When the email marketing efforts are put to​ test, the goal of​ this testing procedure is​ to​ test one or​ more elements or​ variables, the results must be analyzed and the lesson learned should be put to​ application .​
Otherwise, it​ is​ a​ waste of​ time and money to​ test .​
And when the results are ready, the marketer should know how to​ apply the new found knowledge.

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