Termite Damage And Real Estate

Termite Damage And Real Estate

Termite Damage and​ Real Estate
Termite damage, no matter how small it​ may be, is​ never good for​ a​ home .​
During a​ real estate inspection, if​ any termite damage is​ found, it​ will affect the​ outcome of​ the​ home .​
In most cases, the​ buyer is​ told that the​ seller will fix the​ problem .​
Although this may sound good to​ some buyers that the​ seller will treat for​ termites, other buyers often wonder.
Of course it’s nice that the​ seller will pay to​ have the​ termite problem treated, which will normally cost around $1,000 or​ so .​
Even though the​ termites will be gone, you have to​ wonder about the​ damage to​ the​ structure .​
In the​ more severe cases, damage to​ the​ structure can cost up to​ 50 times the​ cost of​ the​ treatment .​
the​ last thing you want is​ to​ move into a​ home that you know has been treated for​ termites, only to​ find the​ structure to​ be in​ very bad shape.
If any type of​ damage was done to​ the​ wooden structure of​ the​ home, you may need to​ get immediate repairs .​
While some damage may be visible, there are other types of​ damage that may seem invisible to​ the​ naked eye .​
To find out just how bad the​ damage is, carpets and​ rugs will need to​ be lifted, furniture and​ appliances moved, walls and​ ceilings will need to​ be opened, and​ even some types of​ excavation may be needed .​
This is​ the​ only way to​ tell the​ extent of​ the​ damages, especially in​ cases of​ termites .​
if​ you don’t inspect every area of​ the​ home, you could be moving into a​ home that has severe structural damage - which can cost you thousands to​ repair.
There could also be latent damage present as​ well .​
To determine this, you’ll need to​ have invasive and​ destructive testing performed on your home, which will performed by qualified contractors and​ specialists .​
This will help to​ determine the​ extent of​ the​ damage and​ the​ cost of​ any needed repairs .​
This can be very costly however, although it’s the​ only way to​ find and​ repair any latent damage.
Destructive and​ invasive testing can cost you an​ arm and​ a​ leg, although you’ll need to​ have it​ done if​ you suspect termites or​ know for​ a​ fact that the​ home was treated for​ them .​
To protect yourself, you should always get a​ treatment and​ repair history before you purchase the​ home .​
if​ you are renting the​ home, you’ll need get written documentation from the​ specialist that details the​ damage to​ the​ home and​ cost of​ repairs.
Before you buy a​ home, you should always have it​ checked for​ termites .​
There are a​ lot of​ termite inspection companies out there, many of​ which go above and​ beyond to​ check the​ home for​ any type of​ termite damage .​
You don’t want to​ buy a​ home only to​ find out that it​ has been infested with termites .​
if​ you have the​ proper inspections performed before you make the​ purchase, you’ll know for​ a​ fact that you don’t have to​ worry about termites or​ termite damage.
If the​ inspector or​ contractor doesn’t find any termite damage, you should always have it​ documented .​
This way, if​ termite damage does exist, you’ll have the​ documentation to​ back you up .​
Termites can be very destructive to​ your home, especially if​ you are looking towards a​ log home .​
Termites can destroy wood in​ little to​ no time at​ all, which is​ why you should always do what you can to​ have your home treated as​ soon as​ you suspect any type of​ damage .​
if​ you know a​ home has been infested with termites before - you should really make sure that the​ structure isn’t damaged and​ the​ termites are gone before you commit to​ buying.

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