Termidor Termite Treatment Vs

Termidor Termite Treatment Vs

Termidor Termite Treatment vs .​
There is​ a​ current debate right now in​ the​ pest control industry as​ to​ whether or​ not Termidor termite treatment vs .​
Sentricon termite treatment is​ better .​
These are two very popular termite control chemicals and​ Termidor termite treatment vs .​
Sentricon can bring about some heated debates in​ the​ bug control business .​
So what do you think? I​ suppose we should give you a​ little background information first.
The Sentricon System consists of​ a​ series of​ bait stations surrounding the​ perimeter of​ your house .​
The pest control company periodically monitors these stations and, once they detect termite activity, they replace the​ wood bait with a​ poison that is​ supposed to​ wipe out the​ colony .​
Sentricon is​ probably the​ most ‘green’ solution out there, but its effectiveness has also been brought into question by a​ number of​ so-called experts .​
That’s the​ first part of​ the​ Termidor termite treatment vs .​
Sentricon debate .​
So what is​ the​ Termidor system?
Termidor is​ a​ chemical termiticide that provides a​ soil barrier surrounding your house .​
Published reviews of​ Termidor say that it​ is​ far more effective than Sentricon, and​ not particularly dangerous to​ people .​
Termidor costs about $50 more than Sentricon up front, but the​ annual contract, which covers monitoring, periodic reapplication, if​ necessary, and​ repair of​ any termite damage is​ about $150 less for​ Termidor as​ compared to​ Sentricon .​
It is​ obvious that Sentricon is​ the​ more eco-friendly solution to​ the​ problem of​ termites .​
However, it​ might not be as​ effective as​ other chemicals out there .​
Termidor, on the​ other hand, introduces chemicals into your yard as​ well as​ into the​ soil that surrounds your structure .​
Some people feel that any chemicals that are exposed to​ people are horrible not only for​ the​ environment so they oppose the​ use of​ Termidor.
So when we consider the​ Termidor termite treatment vs .​
Sentricon termite treatment debate, the​ choice really isn’t clear .​
Our job isn’t to​ sway you towards one or​ the​ other .​
It depends on your point of​ view and​ what you feel is​ the​ best choice for​ you .​
if​ you are committed toward living a​ clean, green lifestyle, then you will want to​ choose Sentricon .​
if​ you’re more interested in​ making sure that termites don’t infest your home, then you might want to​ consider Termidor for​ its effectiveness.
As new chemicals begin to​ emerge onto the​ pest control scene, there is​ likely to​ be debate .​
That’s why it’s no surprise that the​ Termidor termite treatment vs .​
Sentricon debate rages on .​
It’s likely to​ keep raging as​ well .​
Choose your side and​ argue to​ your heart’s content.

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