Tennessee Ski Vacations 410

Tennessee Ski Vacations 410

Tennessee Ski Vacations
Located near Gatlinburg,​ Tennessee,​ Ober
Gatlinburg is​ the​ only ski resort in​ the​ state .​
It is​
more than just a​ ski resort,​ however .​
It is​ a​ complete
family vacation spot with an​ amusement park,​ indoor
ice skating,​ a​ bungee tower,​ an​ alpine slide,​ and
many other activities and attractions – there is​
something to​ please everyone.
With an​ elevation of​ 3301 feet,​ and a​ vertical drop of​
600 feet,​ Ober Gatlinburg features eight trails: two
beginner trails,​ four intermediate trails,​ and two
advanced trails .​
There are three lifts,​ including two
quad lifts,​ one double lift,​ and one surface lift .​
season runs from the​ middle of​ December through
early March,​ and night skiing is​ allowed on​ all trails
except the​ Grizzly trail.
Rentals are available for both ski equipment and
snowboarding equipment .​
Private and group lessons
for skiing and snowboarding are also available
through the​ Smokey Mountain Snow Sport School .​
You can also easily find food at​ the​ many snack
bars,​ food carts,​ the​ café,​ the​ restaurant,​ or​ in​ the​
You must not miss the​ longest chair lift ride in​ the​
south! You will see awesome views of​ the​ Great
Smoky Mountains .​
You will also get a​ bird’s eye
view of​ some of​ the​ slopes,​ and you can have your
picture taken on​ top of​ the​ mountain .​
If you don’t
ski,​ don’t worry! You can ride back down the​
mountain on​ the​ chair lift as​ well .​
Don’t forget the​
Tramway .​
The tramway departs from downtown
Gatlinburg and takes you to​ the​ ski resort and the​
amusement park .​
Even if​ you don’t ski,​ you can still explore the​ thrill
of flying down a​ mountain at​ a​ high speed – or​ a​
slow speed if​ you choose .​
This is​ possible with the​
Alpine Slide .​
The slide is​ approximately 1800 feet
long,​ and takes you down a​ winding wooded slope .​
You have total control over your speed with the​
use of​ a​ braking device on​ each sled .​
attractions at​ the​ amusement park include the​
Black Bear Habitat,​ a​ bungee jump,​ a​ water race,​
go karts,​ indoor ice skating,​ kiddie land,​ an​ arcade,​
miniature golf,​ a​ Spider Web Velcro Wall Jump,​
water rides,​ and a​ shooting range.
No matter what type of​ fun or​ adventure you are
seeking,​ there is​ something to​ satisfy everyone in​
the family at​ Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort and
Amusement Park .​
This is​ definitely a​ trip worth taking
– especially if​ you have younger kids or​ senior
citizens traveling with you .​

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