Ten Top Money Making Strategies For 2018

Ten Top Money Making Strategies For 2018

Ten Top Money Making Strategies for​ 2018
What does 2018 bring to​ the​ average American? Does it​ fill you with dread or​ with a​ promise of​ better things to​ come? if​ learning ten new ways to​ make money sounds like what you may be interested in, do read on .​
This article will highlight ten top ways that you can make money in​ 2018 to​ generate some extra income and​ hopefully one of​ them would prove successful for​ you to​ carry out on a​ more regular basis.
Firstly, start clearing your house and​ have a​ garage sale .​
If you are like most consumer minded people, you would find that your house has gathered lots of​ clutter and​ unwanted things over the​ last year and​ a​ great way to​ clear your house and​ to​ make some money from it​ is​ to​ sell it​ at​ your garage sale .​
If you are slightly more gutsy you can try opening an​ account on ebay and​ selling your wares there.
Secondly, start small and​ start giving tuition to​ your neighbour’s kid .​
Teach some simple things like English or​ simple low level maths .​
Some people have actually created industries around such teaching jobs so you might want to​ consider the​ extra income that you could make from this.
Thirdly, you might consider doing a​ newspaper delivery round via your bicycle and​ this might spark off larger ideas .​
Many important people started doing business when they were younger doing newspaper runs and​ got fitter that way .​
Skills that can be learnt in​ this endeavour include distance analysis and​ cost efficiency and​ time estimation all of​ which are great skills that any entrepreneur later might use in​ any trading endeavour.
Fourthly, you might consider making money online via forex trading or​ otherwise known as​ FX Trading .​
In this new year, you would want to​ start reading all you can on forex trading both in​ terms of​ trading strategy and​ also in​ terms of​ the​ psychology of​ trading .​
Most people generally can pick up the​ various fundamental trading and​ technical trading strategies necessary but it​ is​ always the​ psychology of​ trading that will trip people up .​
How many people can stomach a​ falling market and​ buy in​ that situation? This is​ what trading psychology is​ all about and​ is​ one key to​ success in​ online trading.
Fifthly, if​ you have decided online trading is​ for​ you, you might wish to​ examine the​ world of​ stock trading .​
This instrument deals with company forecasts and​ market psychology .​
You would have to​ learn how to​ read balance sheets, insomuch as​ to​ tell if​ the​ Company is​ doing well or​ not and​ thereafter learn technical analysis to​ determine what the​ trading public’s sentiment is​ with regards to​ the​ particular stock you are watching.
Sixthly, if​ you are risk adverse, you would want to​ learn the​ strategy otherwise known as​ index fund dollar cost averaging .​
Rather than putting money in​ a​ bank account where interest may be low depending on what bank account you are depositing in, fundamental analysis guru Benjamin Graham noted that after doing extensive back research all the​ way to​ the​ Great Depression, that investing in​ index funds on a​ monthly basis would yield returns that would beat saving in​ the​ bank and​ this is​ also known as​ defensive investing and​ is​ what I​ would recommend before taking any excess cash for​ active investing.
Seventhly, start examining your hobbies with an​ idea to​ profit .​
For example if​ you are interested in​ stamps, spend some time pouring over pricing guides and​ ebay auctions to​ learn all you can about what you are interested in​ and​ then start planning to​ become a​ trader of​ whatever collectible item that you are interested in .​
There are lots of​ collectors on ebay and​ this market is​ potentially huge .​
Who knows, you might have the​ next highly prized item lying around your house.
Eighth, as​ a​ variation of​ the​ above idea, spend some time gathering all your hobby related books and​ considering letting others know about your hobby by blogging .​
Making money by blogging in​ recent times has become rather fashionable with online blogging superstars that can be found by doing a​ quick search on google with the​ search terms Pro blogger .​
Making money by blogging requires some planning of​ content and​ site structure and​ this planning phase is​ critical to​ the​ success of​ your blog .​
Learn what niches are ripe for​ the​ picking and​ avoid niches where there are too many competitors.
Ninth, if​ you are a​ consultant or​ make money via the​ provision of​ services, a​ critical technique to​ making more this year is​ to​ start spending time giving free talks in​ your locality to​ trade associations and​ bodies and​ helping them along with their activities .​
Above all these promotional activities, the​ key to​ making money with the​ provision of​ services is​ to​ develop trust with your customers at​ the​ same time you do work for​ them.
Tenth, if​ you are not in​ the​ habit of​ tithing, start the​ habit of​ giving money away to​ the​ poor .​
People gain a​ sense of​ fulfillment when giving to​ their church, their charity and​ it​ is​ this sense of​ fulfillment that drives rich people like Bill Gates and​ Warren Buffet to​ make more money .​
Joy, peace and​ fulfillment are things which cannot be bought with money, but can provide the​ unseen impetus to​ propel you to​ greater financial achievement.
In conclusion, I​ hope you have benefited from this ten tips to​ make more money in​ 2018 .​
Powerful ideas only materialize when combined with action now! Carpe Diem and​ here’s wishing you all the​ best in​ this new year.

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