10 Tips To Increase Web Traffic

10 Tips To Increase Web Traffic

Ten Tips to​ Increase Web Traffic
Unless you’ve built a​ website just to​ showcase your collection of​ salt and​ pepper shakers, you probably want to​ attract some visitors.​ If your business depends on your site attracting visitors and​ soliciting sales, then web traffic is​ essential. Simply submitting your site to​ search engines is​ not enough.​ You should work with your Webmaster to​ implement these ten tips to​ increase the​ level of​ traffic to​ your site.

1. Content, Content, Content
First and​ foremost, make sure that your site is​ informative! Don’t just list your services, elaborate on what you do and​ why you do it​ well .​
The more detailed you are in​ your website, the​ better your search engine results will be.

2. Classified Ads
Take advantage of​ the​ variety of​ free online classified ad websites and​ get the​ word out about your new site!
Be sure to​ always post a​ working link to​ your website .​
Get help from your webmaster on the​ proper HTML coding for​ a​ classified ad post if​ you need it.

3. Articles
One of​ the​ best steps you can take to​ promote your site is​ to​ write and​ publish articles (just like this one!) .​
First, an​ informative article helps establish that you’re an​ expert in​ your particular field .​
Once a​ reader finishes the​ article, they may be inclined to​ follow a​ link to​ your website to​ learn more about you and​ your business.
More importantly, once you’ve distributed your article to​ some of​ the​ many online article directories, you’ll have created additional links back to​ your website that search engines will see and​ count .​
More on that in​ a​ moment.

4. Local Directories
There are two basic kinds of​ directories that should interest you .​
First, there are regional directories, perhaps for​ your local metropolitan area, then there are industry-specific directories.
These are similar to​ search engines in​ that they list other web sites, but they’re compiled and​ organized differently .​
Additionally, many directories allow you to​ create an​ online profile that will include information about your business, rather than just a​ link to​ your website.
Take a​ few minutes to​ do some searches for​ directories in​ your area and​ in​ your industry, and​ submit your site to​ any you find appropriate.

5. Newsletters
Online Newsletters or​ eZine’s are a​ great way to​ keep your existing and​ potential clients aware of​ news or​ changes within your business .​
If your business model can support a​ regular newsletter, you should encourage visitors to​ your website to​ sign up for​ it .​
You might offer them a​ free copy of​ one of​ the​ great articles you’ve already written, as​ a​ reward for​ signing up.
When you’re writing for​ your newsletter, make sure that each of​ your topics has a​ Title, a​ Teaser, then a​ link back to​ your website to​ read the​ rest of​ the​ topic .​
If your topics are interesting and​ timely, then you’ll ensure repeat visits to​ your site.

6. Forums and​ Newsgroups
Another way to​ attract new visitors is​ to​ participate in​ online forums and​ discussions .​
Be sure to​ take the​ time to​ understand what the​ forum or​ newsgroup is​ about, and​ be respectful of​ other members .​
Simply posting ads or​ links to​ your website will likely just get you banned .​
Instead, post comments or​ questions that are on point, including a​ simple link to​ your site in​ your signature, and​ you’ll be rewarded with interested responses and​ visitors to​ your site.

7. Press Releases
Many businesses forget the​ power of​ a​ press release .​
When you have something that’s newsworthy, like the​ opening of​ your business, let the​ press know! They’re happy to​ print your release if​ they think it​ will be interest to​ their readers.
When distributing press releases, be sure to​ look for​ online PR distributors, as​ well as​ your local news media .​
There are sites you can post your release for​ free, and​ other sites that will distribute your release for​ a​ nominal fee.

8. Blogs, Social Networking and​ Social Bookmarking
Blogs are online journals, and​ there are a​ number of​ websites that offer free blogging accounts .​
With your online journal, you can post a​ few tips or​ even full-fledged articles .​
If you submit new posts consistently, and​ the​ topics are interesting, you’ll start to​ attract a​ variety of​ visitors.
There are a​ variety of​ networking sites, both social and​ professional, that will allow you to​ create an​ online profile for​ yourself and​ your business .​
Finally, you should look in​ to​ creating accounts on several of​ the​ social bookmarking sites that have cropped up .​
These are sites that allow you to​ simply bookmark and​ comment on other websites.

9. Reciprocal Links
It’s very important that you find other websites that are willing to​ put a​ link on their site to​ yours .​
Some of​ the​ above methods will help accomplish this, but you should also give some thought to​ other site options, particularly sites that are related to​ your business .​
For instance, you might see if​ your Chamber of​ Commerce has a​ website, and​ if​ they do, make sure you have a​ link by your membership name .​
You might also consider other businesses that compliment yours, like how a​ mortgage company and​ a​ title company are complimentary .​
When approaching these businesses, you would offer to​ put a​ link on your site to​ their business, in​ exchange for​ a​ link on their site to​ your own business.
Not only will visitors to​ these other sites see the​ link to​ your site and​ follow it, but as​ we discussed previously, these additional links to​ your site will help your search engine ranking tremendously .​
Each link on a​ non-directory website is​ like a​ vote of​ confidence in​ you and​ your website.

10. Email and​ Letters
There are a​ variety of​ other ways to​ promote your website .​
For instance, every piece of​ communication that comes from your business should include your web address .​
Your email can have it​ in​ the​ signature, your letterhead can have it​ in​ the​ address area, and​ certainly it​ should be included on business cards.
Make sure that your email address is​ from your website and​ not your internet service provider .​
Why advertise for​ ABC.net when you could be advertising for​ YourCompany.com?
So, I​ hope that you’ve gained a​ couple of​ ideas on how you can promote your website, and​ note that none of​ the​ above methods has to​ cost you any money, just a​ little time and​ effort .​

10 Tips To Increase Web Traffic

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