Ten More Powerful Secrets To Make Your Brain Get The Write Idea Part 2 Of 3

Ten More Powerful Secrets To Make Your Brain Get The Write Idea Part 2
Of 3

This is​ the second in​ a​ series of​ articles providing you with specific strategies for putting your brain to​ work for you so you can author your first book, and your second, and your third, etc. You get the idea.

Remember, authoring your book is​ the most important business decision you can make. Your book will position you as​ the expert in​ you field. The media will clamor to​ interview you providing you with massive exposure. Your book, if​ positioned well, will provide an​ un-ending source of​ leads for your business. This means ultimately more money for you.

Here are more powerful secrets to​ make your brain get the write idea:

1. Set specific, measurable goals regarding time. Schedule two 1.5 hour blocks of​ writing time each week, for example, after considering the impact on others and accommodating your schedule. Writing daily for 15 minutes may be a​ reasonable and attainable goal.

2. Take 15 minutes a​ day as​ reflective time or​ I.G.A. time (Idea Generating Activity Time). Think about what you are working on and record all ideas that come to​ you during this time. in​ this situation you are writing ideas not content but the content will come later.

3. Invite your friends to​ have coffee and treats with you. Tell them in​ advance you want their input on some ideas you have for your book. Pay for their coffee and harvest their thoughts. This motivates you to​ write and enhances your commitment to​ the process. Remember that reflection and I.G.A. activities are an​ integral part of​ the writing process.

4. Write when you need to! Drop everything and write when the time is​ right or​ the situation demands it. Don't feel guilty! You can forgo other jobs and responsibilities you should have been doing and do them later. if​ others can do this then why can't you?

5. Use your time more efficiently by having all the materials you need for writing in​ one location so you can just sit down at​ any time and write. Whenever you end one authoring session you should automatically prepare the catalyst material to​ begin the next. This includes being very specific about the topic and key words to​ begin writing immediately upon sitting down. You will save 10 to​ 15 or​ more minutes per session when you prepare in​ advance. Take 5 minutes to​ get ready at​ the end of​ each session to​ prepare for the next one, and save writing time for the next session.

6. Treat the time you take for writing as​ recreational time. It's writing time that energizes you and makes your life more worthwhile. Tell others how important writing time is​ for you. They will help you find time to​ write.

7. Make a​ pact with your spouse or​ significant other to​ trade large blocks of​ time so each of​ you can pursue your individual interests. This removes any conflicts and any guilt feelings about using large amounts of​ time for writing.

8. Prioritizing is​ a​ key to​ successfully reaching your goals in​ life. Making writing one of​ your priorities and advertising that plan of​ yours will open up possibilities to​ write more. Others respect what you value if​ they value your friendship.

9. Think Big Picture. Your daily to-do list cannot govern your life. Authoring a​ book is​ a​ Big Picture item. Taking time out just to​ think and reflect and plan is​ okay. it​ will motivate you to​ write. Go for a​ bike ride or​ a​ walk in​ the woods to​ help you keep focused on the Big Picture. Remember that writing is​ the doing part of​ thinking. Give yourself time to​ think and reflect.

The best advice is​ simply to​ start putting one or​ two of​ these strategies into practice, then add another one or​ two. Do the ones that are the most powerful for you in​ your life first.

Ten More Powerful Secrets To Make Your Brain Get The Write Idea Part 2
Of 3

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