Ten Essential Tips For Bali Vacation

Bali is​ a​ small,​ beautiful island famed for its unique arts and cultures,​ enchanting nature and the​ friendliness of​ its people. Most people come to​ Bali to​ experience the​ marvelously rich cultural heritage; some come for the​ beaches and the​ waves,​ others for pure relaxation. Bali is​ situated in​ Indonesia,​ one of​ the​ best tourist destinations in​ Asia.

For those who plan to​ visit Bali,​ I herewith write Ten Essential Tips for Bali Vacation for your consideration.

1. to​ enter Bali,​ or​ Indonesia for that matter,​ make sure your passport is​ valid for six months upon entry into Indonesia,​ otherwise you’ll find yourself on​ the​ next plan out. You also must have proof of​ onward passage (i.e. a​ ticket out of​ Indonesia). Tourist,​ social and business visas can be obtained from any Indonesian embassy or​ consulate abroad. Citizens from Asian countries comprising Singapore,​ Malaysia,​ Thailand,​ Brunei,​ Vietnam,​ Cambodia,​ Philippine and Laos do not require a​ visa,​ only a​ valid travel document. Visitors from some thirty countries are also provided with a​ 60-days tourist visa issued directly upon arrival. Consult your travel agent or​ airlines,​ mention your nationality.

2. Money matters: the​ rupiah is​ the​ basic unit of​ money. Foreign currency,​ in​ bank notes and traveler’s checks is​ best exchanged at​ major banks or​ authorized money changers. Do change money at​ a​ reputable looking location,​ use your own (or the​ hotel’s calculator before changing),​ as​ the​ ones used by some places can be “a little inaccurate”. Most important; always count your money before you leave the​ place. Traveler’s checks are accepted at​ all major hotels and large shops; some smaller shops will also accept them. Passport number is​ required. Do not forget to​ take passport (or a​ photocopy of​ your ID),​ with you at​ all time.

3. When changing large amounts of​ money please check each note carefully as​ there are a​ number of​ (noticeably) fake bills in​ circulation.

4. There have been a​ few cases of​ handbags being snatched after one has cashed money at​ banks or​ money changers. Put your money away in​ your “bum-bag” or​ hold onto your handbag tightly.

5. Credit cards and charge cards: to​ day many hotels,​ shops large and small accept plastic,​ with the​ proviso that an​ additional 3% is​ added onto your bill. However,​ when traveling to​ the​ village,​ take rupiah with you. Keep small change handy when riding in​ public transports or​ buying drinks at​ warung.

6. Make sure you either have personal insurance or​ travel insurance that will cover in​ any accidents. if​ you rent a​ car (must be with insurance),​ beware of​ motorbikes,​ as​ there are too many on​ the​ road. When you park the​ car,​ always remember to​ remove all your properties. Crime is​ on​ the​ increase and can spoil your holiday. Be careful with your belongings at​ all times. Cases of​ handbag snatching have been reported,​ so leave important documents in​ your hotel safe (carry photocopies). Do not forget to​ look and listen while you cross the​ road. Cars may stops,​ motorbikes may not!

7. Going to​ Bali,​ dress casually. Take light clothes,​ as​ the​ weather is​ warm-to - hot throughout the​ year. Remember Bali is​ a​ land where prayer and religious festivals take center stage. When visiting a​ temple or​ attending ceremonies,​ make it​ a​ point to​ respect local customs and traditions. Always wear a​ sarong and sash. Do not walk in​ front of​ people praying. Do not use a​ flash camera or​ point your camera to​ the​ priest’s face. Do try not to​ step on​ offerings in​ the​ street (walk around them). Women are not allowed to​ enter temples during menstruation.

8. Do not drug! it​ can carry the​ death penalty,​ and there are enough foreigners residing in​ Bali courtesy of​ the​ Government prison service.

9. Do not swim outside designated swimming areas on​ the​ beach,​ current/undertows can be very strong. Swim between the​ red and yellow flags. Don’t swim too far out. Do not leave your belongings unattended on​ the​ beach.

10. Health: International health certificates of​ vaccination against smallpox,​ cholera,​ and yellow fever are required only from travelers comprising from infected areas. Typhoid and paratyphoid vaccinations are optional but still advisable. Drink only distilled or​ mineral water,​ or​ water that has been boiled and eat a​ lot of​ fresh fruit – do your body a​ favor. Don’t worry too much about ice,​ it’s a​ government quality controlled in​ established bars and restaurants. Most people traveling through Bali get the​ infamous "Bali Belly" at​ some time or​ other. Taking and Imodium will stop you up. at​ the​ first time of​ discomfort (diarrhea and cramping),​ drink strong,​ hot tea and avoid all fruits and spicy foods. Taking charcoal tablets will help alleviate the​ cramping.

Bali is​ worth a​ visit,​ plan your vacation,​ go on​ line and book your preferred Bali hotels or​ contact your travel agent. Thanks you readers.

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