Teleseminar How To Guide Thet Profit System. A Review

Teleseminar How To Guide Thet Profit System. A Review

Teleseminars seem to​ be all the rage these days, and for good reason. They're a​ great way to​ build lists and make money, both for the organizers and their guests. They're also really great for creating a​ connection between audience and expert, a​ connection that has two-way benefits.

If you've been wondering how you could possibly get in​ on the action, wonder no more: Filmmaker Andy Duncan (of "I Need Cash Now" fame) and his business partner Steve Roye have put together the T-Profit System, the ultimate step-by-step how-to guide for putting together a​ teleseminar series that delivers the goods, for the audience, your JV-partners, and yourself.

You may have thought you could never do that. You may not think of​ yourself as​ an​ expert. You don't think you're very witty. Heck, you may be shy! But Andy and Steve will quickly reassure you that neither exceptional wit nor fame or​ even expertise is​ required. Even better, teleseminar are among the easiest and most inexpensive products to​ produce. What's not to​ like?

The T-Profit system consists of​ a​ total of​ eight MP3s, along with PDF transcripts, plus live Q&A sessions.

First, there are the four instructional MP3s, in​ which Andy and Steve present the basic formula. They give some background and how they themselves got started. They talk about the reason why teleseminars work as​ well as​ they do. And then they launch into the details of​ exactly how you can go about putting together your own.

BTW, "instructional" may not be quite the right word for those MP3s. Yes, you'll learn a​ ton - as​ promised. But they are so much fun you sure won't feel like you're studying terribly hard.

Just in​ case you're still intimidated, they provide you with three examples of​ teleseminars with experts who themselves were new to​ the teleseminar genre. For two of​ them, that very teleseminar you'll be hearing was their very first. And yet, they sound like old pros!

As mentioned above, the MP3s also come with transcripts, and many of​ them have outlines as​ well. a​ bonus seminar, produced as​ a​ bonus for one of​ the example seminars, is​ included as​ well. It's a​ terrific introduction to​ affiliate marketing by Erik Stafford, also known as​ the Faster Webmaster.

Here's yet another thing that makes T-Profit System special: included in​ the price are three bonus coaching calls in​ monthly intervals (actually, there was a​ fourth one that took place right after the system was launched, for all the early bird sign-ups), where Steve and Andy will answer any questions that come up.

And I really mean ANY questions. Andy and Steve are incredibly gracious and helpful. I've asked a​ few really basic questions, and Steve walked me patiently through all of​ my challenges. He did the same for other callers. They didn't even laugh!

I bought T-Profit System the minute it​ came out. Why? I loved Andy's "I Need Cash Now" program, and also did Andy and Steve's 4 week coaching program. I got so much out of​ the two programs, I felt the T-Profit system was a​ complete no-brainer.

And that even though I believed that I already knew enough about teleseminars from the coaching program (and I did know a​ lot!), this program actually delivered even more details and step-by-step guidelines, thereby greatly reducing the intimidation factor, and greatly increasing the potential for success. I also find that I learn best when I get the same info presented several different ways.

Considering that I was a​ total web newbie about 6 months ago, I keep finding myself absolutely astonished by how far I've come. I have multiple websites, blogs, I've already come up with a​ concept for a​ series of​ teleseminars, and I have even done (and uploaded!) my first interview. Look for more on all that in​ the near future. For right now though, you may want to​ check out the T-Profit System, so you'll get in​ on the live coaching calls while they last.

Teleseminar How To Guide Thet Profit System. A Review

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