Telephone Headsets Wireless Headsets Are They Safe

Telephone Headsets Wireless Headsets Are They Safe?
There’s an ongoing debate over the​ effects of​ radio transmission waves emitted by wireless products and​ their effect upon people. Anecdotal evidence suggests that there is​ a​ strong link to​ the​ frequent use of​ cell phones and​ some very unpleasant health issues.
These concerns flow over to​ other radio devices too, and​ we, those that sell these items, are continually asked about the​ safety aspects of​ wireless headsets.
Well, are they safe to​ use all day, everyday?
Of course, the​ salesman’s answer is​ likely to​ be yes! But absolutely, I ​ do believe they are and​ would have no hesitation in​ wearing one myself which I ​ do, all day, everyday.
Plantronics claims that its CS50 wireless headset has an output of​ only 1. 7 milliwatts, which is​ about 1/1000th of​ the​ output of​ most cell phones, and​ in​ nearly all countries, there are the​ relevant certification and​ other statutory requirements that have to​ be met before any items like these can be sold and​ connected.
Bluetooth models have an even lower output than DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications or​ 900 Mhz headsets.
I’ve never heard of​ any incidents or​ situations, where a​ wireless headset was implicated in​ anything connected with the​ same issues we hear about cell phones, i. e. cancers, etc. So, from my point of​ view I ​ feel quite safe in​ using them, even in​ areas where there maybe several operating at​ the​ same time.
Perhaps some may suggest that they haven’t been in​ use long enough, to​ adequately gauge the​ level of​ threat, if​ indeed there is​ one. Anyway, I’m not concerned I ​ will not give mine up!
If you feel like doing your own research in​ this area, you could start by visiting the​ Plantronics website and​ downloading their white paper on the​ CS50.
On the​ other, nontechnical side, there are the​ safety benefits that are reaped by not having wires. for​ a​ start you wont trip over or​ catch them on anything and​ I ​ feel the​ ergonomics where and​ how you sit at​ your desk while making phone calls may even be further improved by using a​ wireless.
This is​ because you don’t have the​ cable to​ think about at​ all it’s not tugging or​ constraining you, so there’s no anxiety about whether you maybe stretching the​ cable too much. This consideration is​ important if​ you want to​ conserve your headset cables, as​ I’ve spoken about elsewhere regarding the​ care of​ cabled headsets.
There is​ also the​ advantage, however unlikely, during a​ lightning storm, or​ any other extreme electrical disturbance of​ not actually being connected to​ the​ telephone grid. You’re not liable to​ be used by Mother Nature as​ a​ conductor!
About the​ only thing that is​ not safer, is​ your bank balance, as​ dependant upon the​ country where you live, lashing out and​ buying a​ wireless headset is​ going to​ pinch your hip pocket nerve. But, if​ you’re serious about it​ and​ understand the​ benefits, you wont regret the​ purchase.

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