Teeth Whitening With Tray Based Systems

Teeth Whitening With Tray Based Systems

There is​ nothing like a​ white smile. it​ conveys to​ the​ world good health and​ confidence. There was a​ time when dazzling white smiles were only seen on the​ red carpet, but no more. Today there are literally hundreds of​ tooth whiteners available on the​ market. These products range in​ price from several dollars up to​ hundreds of​ dollars. You can have teeth whitening done by the​ dentist in​ his office in​ about one hour, or​ you can buy a​ teeth whitening system from your dentist to​ use at​ home. in​ office laser tooth whitening can cost $600.00 for​ one session. if​ you don't have a​ bundle of​ money to​ spend and​ you don't have to​ see the​ results immediately, then whitening your teeth at​ home may be for​ you. the​ most popular in​ home teeth whitening systems are tray based systems.

Your dentist will perform a​ thorough examination of​ you teeth and​ gums before starting your teeth whitening treatment. He'll want to​ make sure your teeth and​ gums are healthy, which will help to​ cut down on potentially painful side effects. if​ you have receding gums you are at​ more of​ a​ risk to​ suffer from gum tenderness when using a​ tray treatment.

You will need to​ decide if​ you're going to​ whiten both upper and​ lower teeth. if​ you only have one dental tray made the​ price is​ much lower than if​ you have two made. It's best to​ go ahead and​ whiten both at​ the​ same time. You don't want to​ have a​ set of​ brilliant white top teeth and​ dingy yellow bottom teeth - not a​ good look. Your dentist will also advise you that any dental restorations you may have will not whiten. if​ there is​ an​ obvious noticeable difference you may have opt to​ have the​ restoration replaced once the​ desired level of​ whitening has been achieved.

In order to​ help you see your progress your dentist will determine your current tooth shade on a​ chart. This way when you return for​ a​ check up you'll be able to​ see how much whiter your teeth are. Your dentist will take an​ impression of​ your upper and​ lower teeth. These impressions will be turned into clear soft flexible plastic trays. These trays will be trimmed so they cover each tooth, but not the​ gum line.

When you see your dentist and​ are given the​ trays, generally a​ few days after the​ impressions are made, the​ dentist will make sure the​ impressions fit well and​ are comfortable. He or​ she will give you the​ 10% carbamide peroxide gel to​ use in​ the​ trays. They'll also show you how to​ put the​ gel in​ the​ tray and​ how to​ avoid getting excess gel on your gums.

Your dentist will give you instructions on how long to​ wear the​ trays. Some dentists recommend not wearing them for​ longer than four hours to​ minimize potential gum tenderness. Some people are able to​ wear them overnight. it​ is​ suggested that if​ you can't wear your tray for​ at​ least four hours you don't. Less than four hours is​ a​ waste of​ the​ gel.

Studies have shown that the​ effects of​ the​ tray based teeth whitening can last from one to​ three years although some people do occasional touch ups to​ help keep their teeth as​ white as​ possible.

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