Techniques In Logo Design

Your logo is​ a​ tangible representation of​ your identity and image. This means that whatever you decide to​ put on your logo – the colors, shapes, and even the lines – all of​ these should reflect the image you would want your target readers to​ remember you even for many years to​ come.

It represents your values, your beliefs and the traditions you have in​ your business. That’s why you put so much effort in​ coming up with the right logo especially with your full color business cards.

Here are a​ few ideas for your logo design that you can consider when you start creating your very own logo:

This technique is​ more of​ a​ going-back-to-the-basics kind of​ thing. it​ reflects simplicity more than creativity when designing your logo. in​ fact, major corporations have gone back to​ this type of​ logo design that the classic trend that was so popular during the 70s is​ again one of​ the hits today.

The technique is​ based on the basic geometric lines with a​ little visual twist. Especially with the advent of​ the computers and digital technology, the 70s natural geometric lines is​ definitely here to​ stay.

This technique applies two or​ more droplets, making them appear that they’re coming together to​ act as​ one entity. it​ is​ usually reflective of​ a​ union and meeting of​ ideas, which is​ very expressive especially if​ you’re looking at​ a​ more technical and scientific design. Often, this logo design have flat shapes, while some have highlights or​ shadows that provides the feeling of​ a​ multi-dimensional effect in​ your design.

Natural Spirals
This logo design comes out when you use two elements together that creates a​ natural and less-contrived spiral shape. This technique is​ more of​ a​ nature-inclined rather than a​ computer generated design. The unaffected combination of​ seeming disarray and geometry in​ the design provides order and freedom simultaneously.

This is​ in​ response to​ the growing youth market that needs to​ have their own set of​ design structure. The youth have always been one of​ the driving forces that every business owner and marketer need to​ focus on. That’s why from the late 60s to​ the early 70s, the set of​ designs that came out to​ address the personality of​ the youth market have become very popular during those time. You can see this type of​ logo design resurfacing especially from companies that cater to​ the ever developing youth niche.

There are a​ lot more logo designs out there that you can apply to​ create your very own design. The bottom line is​ to​ make each design that you pick embody what you value most in​ your business because that would be yours for a​ very long time.

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