Team Spirit How It Can Make Or Break A Team

Team Spirit How It Can Make Or Break A Team

Team spirit encompasses many things such as​ trust, respect and enjoyment of​ the game among the athletes who are all working toward the common goal of​ winning. Team spirit is​ said to​ increase the odds of​ winning and having a​ successful team. While some athletes, and even some coaches do not understand the meaning or​ importance of​ team spirit, just ask any record breaking team what their secret was, and they will all tell you it​ was the team spirit that got them to​ the top.

While it​ is​ ultimately the responsibility of​ the coach to​ build team spirit, the individual athletes must have a​ desire to​ win and a​ willingness to​ work with one another. Many coaches have help along the way when they are trying to​ instill team spirit; pep clubs, cheerleaders, school bands and spirit clubs all help to​ raise awareness of​ the team and boost morale, which can in​ turn promote team spirit.

Team spirit in​ sports is​ also the responsibility of​ the team captain. For this reason, it​ is​ important to​ choose a​ team captain who is​ a​ natural leader, someone that others won’t mind following. They should be quite capable of​ boosting morale when times get tough, and always possess a​ positive attitude.

When a​ coach, or​ even a​ team member realizes that their team simply doesn’t have any team spirit, there are a​ few things that can be done to​ turn negative attitudes into positive ones, boost morale, and get the team spirit flowing. These things are best implemented by the coach or​ team manager, and include explaining to​ the team that they must all be cooperative with one another. The objective of​ the team is​ to​ win, and this must be the most important thing on the athletes’ minds. They must all cooperate and strive for the common goal. Understanding also plays a​ big role in​ team spirit, as​ all of​ the athletes need to​ understand the strengths and weaknesses of​ the other players, and all work together so that everyone is​ contributing to​ the team in​ their most effective manner. Excellence should also be strived for, and each individual athlete should be held accountable for his or​ her own performance, whether it​ is​ good or​ bad. All it​ takes is​ one athlete who is​ not striving for excellence to​ throw the entire team off, resulting in​ a​ bad record.

Fans, while not under the control of​ the coaches or​ team managers, also play a​ big role in​ team spirit. For example, if​ a​ team files out onto the field to​ realize that only a​ handful of​ spectators showed up to​ watch the game, well, that alone is​ enough to​ kill any teams’ spirit. it​ is​ easy to​ see how team spirit can either make or​ break a​ team.

Team Spirit How It Can Make Or Break A Team

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