Teaching A Survival Guide For Students And New Teachers Part 2

Teaching A Survival Guide For Students And New Teachers Part 2

The advice may sound silly, but take notice anyway, because it​ is​ based on 28 years of​ teaching experience and​ listening to​ students discussing teachers’ appearances. When you start teaching your life will be much easier if​ you conform to​ student expectations. the​ time to​ be different is​ after you have established yourself.

Children are very traditional in​ their expectations of​ what teachers should wear. They react in​ a​ more positive way to​ a​ teacher wearing a​ suit. if​ suits are not your style then look for​ an​ alternative smart look, a​ jacket and​ tie for​ men or​ a​ blouse for​ women. Avoid the​ temptation to​ wear ultra-fashionable clothes because children want you to​ be different from them.

Dress is​ one way that teachers set themselves apart from the​ children they are teaching. Young teachers, especially, need to​ set themselves apart from the​ children. a​ lot of​ children will have older brothers and​ sisters in​ their early 20’s and​ will relate to​ a​ young teacher in​ a​ similar and​ inappropriate way unless the​ teacher distances him or​ her self.

Clothes should be chosen to​ be discrete. Tight trousers and​ revealing blouses will attract looks but will do nothing for​ your discipline. Loud ties, cardigans and​ sandals should also be avoided.

If you usually wear more casual clothes and​ feel uncomfortable and​ conspicuous in​ a​ suit or​ blouse then wear them for​ a​ week or​ so outside school because, otherwise any discomfort you feel will transmit itself to​ the​ children.

You may think that distancing yourself from the​ children is​ not a​ good idea, however following this advice will reduce many of​ the​ problems faced by young teachers, such as​ over friendliness and​ the​ unwanted sexual attentions of​ the​ adolescents in​ your charge.

Your hair style should be fairly conformist; no very long hair or​ shaved heads for​ men and​ no very short hair for​ women. Young men may think about making themselves look older by growing a​ beard. Make-up should be discrete and​ designed not to​ elicit comments.

Teaching A Survival Guide For Students And New Teachers Part 2

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