Teaching Reading To Your Child

Teaching Reading To Your Child

One of​ the most effective teaching methods for children is​ to​ use materials that the child has a​ natural interest in. Teaching reading to​ your child is​ no exception. Our kids (as I’m sure most kids) have a​ natural interest in​ animals. Right from the beginning we had great success using their natural curiosity and affection for animals to​ teach the basic formations and sounds that are associated with the letters and pictures. This naturally progressed into using the same to​ aid in​ teaching reading to​ them as​ well.

There are several children’s magazines available for you that are dedicated to​ the animal child connection. as​ our kids got a​ bit older we even subscribed to​ a​ couple of​ the magazines for them. You talk about generating an​ interest! Just wait till the kids realize that every so often the mailman brings them a​ present. They couldn’t wait and it​ certainly helped us with teaching reading to​ both of​ the kids. if​ your kids, are struggling to​ read or​ maybe struggling to​ get interested in​ reading, use a​ tool that they are naturally interested in. For us, the animal stories and magazines were a​ great way for us to​ get started teaching reading.

Find a​ magazine that seems to​ fit the age level of​ your child. For younger children, I recommend one that has big bright colorful pictures with interesting facts. One of​ our favorite children’s magazines is​ Zoobooks. Some even have interactive puzzles and games the child can play and learn. a​ simple search on the internet of​ “children + animals + magazine” will turn up many choices for you.

Teaching reading to​ your child is​ 100 times easier when you employ the use of​ a​ subject that children naturally want to​ know more about. in​ fact, one thing that we discovered was that once the one of​ the magazines had been used and was no longer current, they made great tools for the kids to​ cut some of​ the pictures out and make bulletin boards, calendars, and it​ made a​ great start in​ getting to​ the next level of​ reading by learning to​ make up their own stories and adventures using the pictures they cut out and the information from the magazines!

Whatever you choice of​ tools you are considering using to​ teach reading to​ your child, I highly recommend the use of​ some good children’s magazines.

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