Tarzana Ca Relocation Information

Tarzana Ca Relocation Information

Tarzana, CA - Relocation Information
It is​ surrounded by Reseda to​ the north, Woodland Hills to​ the west, Encino to​ the east, and the Santa Monica Mountains to​ the south .​
Major thoroughfares include Reseda Boulevard, Tampa Avenue, Wilbur Avenue, Burbank Boulevard and the commercial backbone of​ the south San Fernando Valley, Ventura Boulevard.
Most of​ Tarzana's inhabitants live in​ the foothills of​ the Santa Monica Mountains south of​ Ventura Blvd .​
North of​ Ventura, there is​ a​ uniquely designed area meant to​ emulate a​ more rural setting called Melody Acres .​
Tarzana contains two country clubs (with golf courses) nestled in​ the Santa Monica Mountains: El Caballero Country Club and Braemar Country Club .​
At the remote southern end of​ Reseda Blvd., there are a​ number of​ luxurious gated communities, including Mulholland Park, Silverhawk Ridge, Monte Verde and Braemar Estates.
North of​ the Boulevard, where a​ smaller portion of​ the population lives, there are fewer houses and more apartment buildings .​
Tarzana extends to​ Victory Boulevard, though only a​ small percentage of​ the population lives in​ the area.
There are approximately 28,484 residents .​
According to​ the 2000 U.S .​
Census, the racial composition was predominantly White (78.9%), followed by Asian (5.6%), and Black or​ African American (3.8%).
American Indian or​ Alaskan Native and Native Hawaiian or​ Other Pacific Islander each constituted less than one percent (0.3% and 0.1% respectively) of​ the population .​
13.1% identified themselves as​ Hispanic or​ Latino .​
About 35.2% of​ the population in​ 2000 was foreign-born, including 21.9% that were born in​ Iran and 10.6% in​ Mexico.
Tarzana features a​ burgeoning Iranian-American population, and the community is​ well known for its Persian restaurants, booksellers, and language training institutes.
A thriving and long-established Jewish community attends four synagogues and provides the customer base for the first and only branch of​ the Hebrew language bookseller Steimatzky constructed outside of​ Israel .​
a​ number of​ popular and well-regarded delicatessens can be found in​ Tarzana, such as​ the Tarzana Armenian Grocery and Mort's Deli.
Notable residents include comedian Jeremy Hotz, actor Jamie Foxx, actor Chuck Norris, filmmaker John-Erik Jordan, KROQ's Kevin, Bon Jovi gutairist Richie Sambora his wife, actress Heather Locklear and frequent Star Trek guest star Hana Hatae.
Early History
The area now known as​ Tarzana was originally part of​ the San Fernando Mission, which was established in​ 1797 by Spanish settlers and missionaries, who eventually displaced the indigenous population .​
Later on the area was seized by Mexico and then sometime afterwards, the United States, at​ which point the area came to​ be part of​ a​ sequential order of​ large cattle ranches owned by the wealthy and powerful local elites .​
Beginning in​ the 1870s, the area was purchased by investors who transformed it​ into a​ large-scale wheat farm operation.
In 1909 the surrounding area was purchased by the Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company .​
General Harrison Gray Otis, founder and publisher of​ the Los Angeles Times, had invested in​ the company, while also purchasing 550 acres in​ the center of​ modern-day Tarzana .​
Another investor established a​ small town called Runnymede in​ the general vicinity and allocated the surrounding land for small poultry ranches and berry farms.
In 1915 Edgar Rice Burroughs, best known as​ the author of​ the Tarzan stories, purchased Otis’ land upon which he built a​ large home, and renamed the property, Tarzana Ranch .​
Burroughs subdivided and sold the land for residential development, while the neighboring small farms were also converted to​ residential areas .​
In 1927, local residents renamed the town Tarzana in​ honor of​ Burroughs and his famous literary character.
Portola Middle School in​ Tarzana was used as​ a​ location for the movie Thirteen .​
In the Paul Thomas Anderson film Magnolia , Tom Cruise's character, Frank T.J .​
Mackey, was born and raised in​ Tarzana .​
The climactic scene from that same movie occurs on the intersection of​ Reseda Boulevard and Sherman Way, a​ locus for many P.T .​
Anderson scenes .​

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However, the information in​ this book is​ not guaranteed, and all users are advised to​ research any questions or​ concerns independently .​
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