Tanzania Casinos

Tanzania Casinos

Tanzania is​ an​ East Coast African country,​ which was a​ German colony until 1919 and thereafter,​ a​ British Mandate until 1961 when it​ gained its independence. There are many factors that set Tanzania apart from the​ rest of​ Africa,​ with the​ highest peak on​ the​ continent,​ Mt Kilimanjaro,​ and the​ precious gemstone,​ Tanzanite,​ discovered in​ 1967 by Tiffany's.

Gambling is​ legal in​ Tanzania and there are a​ total of​ three casinos to​ choose from while visiting the​ region. All the​ Tanzanian casinos are situated in​ Dar es Salaam,​ its former capital,​ which is​ a​ favorite tourist destination today. the​ largest casino in​ Dar es Salaam is​ a​ hotel resort,​ as​ well,​ and is​ known as​ New Africa Hotel & Casino. Here you have at​ your disposal 18 table games of​ roulette,​ blackjack,​ and poker,​ as​ well as​ 175 slot machines.

The other two Tanzanian casinos are Le Grande Casino and Sea Cliff Casino,​ which are also hotel resorts. All the​ Tanzanian casinos serve alcoholic beverages and snacks on​ the​ house,​ but you will have to​ be 18 years of​ age or​ more in​ order to​ legally enjoy any such entertainment.

It is​ very convenient to​ book your stay at​ one of​ these resorts,​ as​ you can enjoy all the​ facilities under one roof,​ such as​ dining in​ different restaurants,​ shopping,​ and gambling during the​ day or​ at​ night. the​ local language in​ Tanzania is​ Swahili; however,​ English is​ widely spoken,​ especially in​ organizations that deal with tourists on​ a​ daily basis.

Casinos are the​ only legal forms of​ gambling in​ Tanzania,​ and they follow international rules and regulations of​ casino practices. Ensure you understand completely all house rules before you engage in​ any form of​ gambling in​ order to​ avoid any misunderstanding in​ the​ process.

If you are new to​ the​ gambling world,​ Tanzania casinos also provide free lessons with its professional and experienced staff,​ which you will need to​ enquire about and enroll in​ advance. Once you feel confident,​ you can also try your hand at​ becoming rich over night. the​ casino opening hours are from 2 pm in​ the​ afternoon to​ 3 - 4 am,​ depending on​ the​ amount of​ guests still playing at​ the​ closing time.

A visit to​ Tanzania promises adventure,​ excitement,​ and riches any way you look at,​ whether you are taking a​ safari,​ climbing Mt Kilimanjaro,​ shopping for Tanzanite,​ or​ rolling the​ dice in​ any of​ its casinos. Good Luck!

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