Tanning Lotion Tips For Easier Tanning

Tanning Lotion Tips For Easier Tanning

Having a​ drop-dead, gorgeous golden suntan is​ a​ dream many men and​ women share. Every summer, crowds flock to​ pools and​ beaches hoping to​ return with a​ beautiful tan. This has caused an​ amazing increase in​ tanning lotions and​ other tanning products on the​ market. Tanning lotions can help the​ skin tan faster and​ more evenly while reducing the​ risk of​ sunburn.

There are also plenty of​ tanning products to​ make tanning easier, whether tanning in​ the​ natural sun or​ a​ tanning booth. From designer skin tanning lotion to​ discount tan lotion, you can easily find just the​ right tanning solution for​ your skin type.

Special Purpose Tanning Lotions

Unique tanning lotions are available for​ tanning certain areas of​ the​ body such as​ leg tanning, facial tanning, tattoo tanning, and​ so forth. Bronzers are temporary tan lotions that can be used for​ a​ quick one-day tan. Bronzers work similarly to​ make-up because they temporarily tint the​ skin until washed off. They can be used to​ create a​ temporary tanned look for​ an​ outing or​ to​ complement a​ sunless tan that is​ DHA-based.

Facial tanning lotions are bronzers that are designed to​ tan your face without damaging delicate facial skin. Many facial lotions include essential vitamins and​ moisturizers such as​ CoQ-10, carrot oil, Vitamin C, botanical oils, antioxidants, and​ UVA and​ UVB protection. They also may contain ingredients that promote anti-aging. Some popular brands of​ designer skin tanning lotion for​ the​ face include California Tan CT Face, Designer Skin Saving Face, Devoted Creations DC 100, Designer Skin Amazing Face, Fiesta Sun Tini Faces, and​ Fiji Blend Vivid Facial Tanning Rejuvenator.

Another type of​ tanning lotion is​ tingle tanning lotion, which gives your skin a​ red tone and​ a​ tingling sensation shortly after application. it​ draws blood to​ your skin's surface, thus, increasing microcirculation. This helps you tan faster and​ better.

If you have sun spots, there are products to​ help eliminate these while also stimulating melanin production in​ that particular area of​ skin. This helps your skin to​ return back to​ normal where the​ sun spot existed, and​ maybe even tan the​ spot as​ normal.

Leg Tanning and​ Tattoo Protection

Leg tanning lotion is​ a​ bronzer designed specifically to​ create beautiful tanned legs. Some of​ these contain moisturizers, hair growth inhibitors, and​ ingredients to​ reduce cellulite. There are also products to​ protect your tattoos from the​ sunlight. These can come in​ the​ form of​ a​ balm stick that when rubbed on the​ tattoo, protects it​ from UVA and​ UVB rays. the​ balm can also be used to​ protect moles, facial skin, or​ other areas of​ very sensitive skin.

Other Tanning Products for​ Easier Tanning

If you tan often, you'll want to​ try some of​ the​ other great tanning products available. There are cooling gels, lip balms, moisturizers, products for​ nail protection, oils, solar caps, shower gels, toe savers, and​ many other items. if​ tanning alone, apply tan lotion to​ your back easily with a​ back lotion applicator. the​ applicator has a​ long handle with an​ application brush so you can easily spread tanning lotion on your back.

To try out some of​ these unique tanning products, visit an​ online tanning lotion specialist. You can usually find products in​ all price ranges from cheap tan lotion to​ designer skin tanning lotion. Choose brands you can trust that will work well with your skin type for​ the​ best results. You'll soon enjoy that lovely suntan you've been dreaming of!

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