Tanning Beds A Great Complement To The Sun

Tanning Beds A Great Complement To The Sun

Going to​ the​ seaside to​ get tanned has been a​ luxury with many from time immemorial. a​ lovely golden brown skin is​ a​ matter of​ pride for​ many young ladies and​ gentlemen. a​ bleak and​ harsh winter makes the​ idea of​ spending hours in​ sunshine very appealing.

It is​ a​ fact that exposing the​ skin to​ the​ sun’s rays for​ long hours does more harm than good. the​ sun’s ultra violet rays cause skin cancer apart from minor irritants like sunburns.

The tanning beds seem to​ be a​ solution to​ this problem, as​ people can get tanned without any side effects. But the​ origin of​ tanning beds is​ rooted in​ medicine. in​ the​ early twentieth century it​ was developed, to​ see if​ increased sunlight combats calcium deficiency.

But this is​ a​ misconception. Tanning beds also expose people to​ health hazards. They give off long wave ultra violet rays which are more harmful than short wave ultra violet rays.

Tanning beds have components that require regular maintenance. Some of​ the​ important components are tanning bed bulbs, internal fans, remote cable assembly, and​ lamp holder.

Tanning beds are used both in​ home and​ tanning salons. Tanning beds in​ salons are clamshell shaped. Tanning salons have drawn a​ lot of​ flak because of​ health concerns. Prior appointment is​ needed to​ tan in​ a​ salon. Home tanning beds are convenient and​ can be used any time of​ the​ day or​ night.

These beds are expensive. Many manufacturers offer warranties for​ more than a​ year and​ detailed literature about the​ product. Tanning beds are found all over the​ world.

It is​ advisable to​ use tanning beds with caution. Long exposure can cause burns. Pregnant women should not use these beds. the​ basic concern about over usage of​ these beds is​ related to​ cancer as​ basil cell sarcoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and​ the​ most dangerous melanoma can occur. Skin cancer is​ the​ most serious side effect, but there are other side effects also. Apart from burning the​ skin, it​ causes the​ skin to​ become wrinkled and​ over exposure results in​ cataract. This in​ turn gives an​ old look.

Tanning beds and​ tanning salons are now big business. Manufacturers and​ salon owners paint a​ rosy picture, but people should be told about the​ harmful side as​ well. Only a​ very judicious use of​ these beds is​ recommended. Tanning might bring a​ low in​ looks, but risking health is​ also foolhardy.

Tanning Beds A Great Complement To The Sun

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