Tanning Bed Lotions Ensure A Safe Tan

Tanning Bed Lotions Ensure A Safe Tan

For many years tanning beds were an​ easy and​ quick way to​ get a​ tan in​ the​ middle of​ winter or​ when preparing for​ a​ tropical getaway. Today, when doctors claim that tanning beds are as​ dangerous as​ the​ sun itself and​ can cause skin cancer and​ premature aging, more and​ more people stay away from tanning beds. However, there are certain benefits from using a​ tanning bed, especially when protecting the​ skin with the​ proper tanning bed lotion.

Tanning bed lotions are used to​ moisturize the​ skin and​ infuse it​ with antioxidants that diminish and​ prevent the​ damage from UVA and​ UVB rays.

There are also tanning bed lotions that intensify the​ tanning process. These lotions contain methyl nicotinate that instantly penetrates and​ activate your melanin cells for​ a​ deeper color. Tan activating tanning lotions can also create a​ warming tingling sensation on the​ skin to​ increase the​ blood flow to​ the​ skin surface and​ speed up the​ tan. These tanning lotions moisturize the​ skin with essential oils and​ skin nourishing vitamins so that your skin looks bronzed and​ glowing.

Some tanning bed lotions employ another principle: they cool down the​ skin with mint and​ cucumber to​ prevent burns. Even though tanning bed lotions do not shield from the​ burn that can lead to​ the​ skin cancer, they can make it​ less heat-sensitive. No tanning bed lotions can deal with photosensitivity, which can be caused by medications you are currently taking.

There are special tanning bed lotions for​ use around eyes. You should always protect your eyes with special goggles that either clip on your nose or​ are secured with the​ ribbon. to​ further protect the​ fragile skin around your eyes from UVA/UVB damage, you can use tanning bed lotions with anti-oxidants such as​ grapefruit extract, vitamin E and​ even caviar proteins.

After-tan lotions are used to​ cool down and​ firm the​ skin, since too much UVA/UVB exposure can disrupt elastin fibers in​ the​ skin leading to​ wrinkles and​ sagging. Special herbs, essential oils, vitamins and​ amino acids in​ these tanning bed lotions form an​ invisible nourishing cocoon on the​ skin surface while repairing and​ preventing further dehydration. Many people prefer to​ nourish their after-tan skin with simple extra-virgin olive oil which has excellent anti-aging properties.

Even when you use great multi-purpose tanning bed lotions, make sure you still wear a​ swimsuit or​ underwear when tanning. if​ you want to​ avoid having those tan lines (which is​ currently very in​ fashion, implying that you tan naturally on the​ tropical beach), wear a​ bandeau-style bra and​ thongs to​ prevent the​ UVA/UVB rays from hitting the​ areas that are not accustomed to​ tanning.

Our indoor lifestyles and​ sunscreens diminish vitamin D production because the​ body gets vitamin D from UV light and​ not from foods. Vitamin D can also be derived from indoor tanning beds. Use a​ common sense and​ tan wisely and​ in​ moderation, and​ you will look gorgeous and​ healthy.

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