Tanning Bed Burns

Tanning Bed Burns

You have used the​ tanning bed before. You enjoyed the​ experience. and​ of​ course, you like the​ tan. But, when you used the​ tanning bed again, you ended up having sore and​ burned skin. You have acquired a​ side effect called “tanning bed burns”. You are not the​ only who has experienced this. Some tanning bed burns make the​ skin feel tender but the​ pain is​ tolerable. But some tanning bed burns hurt so much that these are barely bearable. Worse, tanning bed burns can permanently damage the​ skin.

There are two common causes why tanning bed burns occur. First, the​ user of​ the​ tanning bed was not using enough protection against the​ ultraviolet radiation. and​ second, the​ user has been overexposed to​ the​ UV rays.

To avoid the​ pain of​ tanning bed burns, a​ person must use tanning lotions, preferably, the​ best ones on the​ market. a​ good tanning lotion stimulates the​ skin to​ produce more melanin. With more melanin pigments produced, a​ person need not stay longer in​ the​ tanning bed. in​ effect, the​ tanning lotion allows a​ person to​ cut-off the​ time that he is​ exposed to​ the​ ultraviolet radiation.

Most tanning lotions also have moisturizers. Moisturizers supply the​ oils needed by the​ skin to​ maintain its elasticity and​ youthful look. Thus, tanning lotions actually helps a​ person obtain a​ vibrant and​ healthy tan, instead of​ a​ leathered tired look.

Aside from using tanning lotions, a​ person must also use goggles. the​ goggles will protect the​ eyes and​ prevent tanning bed burns in​ the​ eyelids. the​ goggles are specially designed to​ give 100% protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Another way of​ avoiding tanning bed burns is​ to​ avoid overexposure. Obviously, when a​ person stays too long in​ the​ tanning bed, he is​ exposed to​ greater doses of​ ultraviolet radiation. This increases the​ risk of​ getting burns. a​ person should also be cautious in​ using tanning beds. for​ example, if​ you are using the​ tanning bed for​ the​ first time, stay in​ it​ for​ a​ few minutes only. Then, you may add several more minutes the​ second time you use it. On the​ third, you may stay in​ the​ tanning bed for​ the​ maximum recommended time, which is​ twenty minutes.

Burns occur when the​ person using the​ tanning bed ignores safety warnings and​ precautions. and​ since burns can damage the​ skin for​ good, medical attention should be sought. Doctors or​ dermatologist know how to​ help the​ skin recover from such burns. Tanning bed burns should not be shrugged off as​ a​ normal effect of​ indoor tanning.

Tanning Bed Burns

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