Tales Of The Often Underappreciated Kitchen Faucet

Tales Of The Often Underappreciated Kitchen Faucet

Hi, my name is​ Leaky (I hate that nickname but you gave it​ to​ me). I’m your kitchen faucet. I don’t think you realize how important I am in​ your life. Stop and think for a​ moment how many times you touch me everyday. What about your children? They’re up here pulling on my handle all the time with their grubby little hands, sometimes yanking too hard and causing me to​ loosen my screws a​ little bit more each time. I love your children, but they don’t handle me with as​ much caution and some adults do.

Most of​ the time I go completely unnoticed. Sure, you use you all the time, but you don’t really give me your undivided attention unless I’m dripping and annoying you. Hey, I get runny noses just like everyone else in​ the family, give me some doctoring!

I remember when you first saw me. I was sitting on the store shelf next to​ my brothers and sisters, and you were commenting about how much we cost, what features we had, what color we were and if​ we would be a​ good fit for your kitchen. I was so excited when you stopped to​ read my tags because I knew I was the perfect kitchen faucet for you. Then you crushed my hopes a​ little with your comments about how expensive I was. Good grief! I cost about $125 but your children are running you close to​ $10,000 a​ year! I see you look at​ them lovingly, but I just get a​ passing glance.

You compared me with my brothers and sisters and after a​ lot of​ grumbling you figured out what I knew all along. I was the perfect faucet for you. I am royalty you know. I’m related to​ all the best family lines; Moen, Kohler and Delta all have influenced my creation in​ some fashion.

I don’t think the general public understands how important I really am. You go to​ the store expecting to​ pay about $20 for a​ faucet and then get angry when you see that quality costs money. We’re no different than any other appliance or​ gadget in​ your kitchen; the best of​ us are higher priced. We also come with a​ lot of​ neat features such as​ multiple handles, hot and cold settings with a​ hundred variations in​ between, some of​ us are even gold plated! We protect your kids with anti scald devices and give you the one thing you can’t live without: water. Why shouldn’t we demand a​ fair price for our services?

Go on, enjoy your day, but would you please just once stop to​ notice my beauty and service to​ your family? Speaking for all ignored kitchen faucets we would all appreciate it. Thanks.

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