Taking A Serious Vacation To Cape Cod

Taking A Serious Vacation To Cape Cod

When going on​ vacation,​ you can just go to​ Cape Cod or​ you can really enjoy yourself and take a​ serious Cape Cod vacation. By serious,​ I mean that you need to​ go the​ way of​ many students,​ craftsmen,​ and others,​ who take on​ Cape Cod for the​ entire summer – working a​ job and living in​ one of​ the​ most awe-inspiring and fascinating places in​ the​ U.S. I was one of​ those adventurers and spent a​ summer with a​ couple of​ friends just hanging out in​ Cape Cod,​ living an​ amazing life there. it​ was about thirty years ago but I remember it​ like it​ was yesterday. What a​ fabulous summer we​ had!

My friends and I rented some rooms from a​ guy who fished for a​ living and his wife. They lived in​ P-town,​ what the​ locals call Provincetown. we​ had a​ few odd jobs that we​ did during the​ day,​ like being a​ maid,​ doing carpentry work,​ etc.,​ but when the​ day turned into night,​ we​ started partying. we​ basically partied the​ night away and met some great people along the​ way. we​ hung out with the​ townies and had an​ experience that would rival any planned vacation to​ Cape Cod. we​ screwed around,​ going dune hopping with jeeps that had the​ air flattened out of​ the​ tires. the​ pools were a​ great hangout,​ too. Many of​ the​ pools we​ went to​ were halfway between the​ bars and the​ beach and that suited us just fine.

The beauty of​ this kind of​ vacation is​ that we​ could also pretend we​ were one of​ the​ regular tourists and attend all the​ high class art shows,​ shop all the​ tourist shops and eat all of​ the​ amazing summer treats Cape Cod has to​ offer. I though I’d burst on​ all the​ fudge and cotton candy I ate that summer.

The folks in​ Provincetown live out on​ the​ tip of​ a​ peninsula and are some of​ the​ nicest,​ laid back people you’d ever want to​ meet. They’re the​ folks who slave all winter long making artwork and crafts so the​ tourists have something to​ buy when they get there on​ their summer vacation.

There are a​ lot of​ nearby towns to​ travel through,​ too. Towns like Hyannis,​ Woods Hole and the​ like,​ have a​ lot to​ offer as​ well. You’ll have plenty of​ towns to​ explore. Massachusetts is​ small enough that you can explore nearly the​ entire state before the​ summer is​ done.

No matter how long you spend in​ Cape Cod,​ one of​ the​ must-sees is​ a​ ferry boat ride over to​ Martha’s Vineyard. Nantucket is​ in​ that area as​ well. These are places where only the​ wealthy and well-established live. There are places to​ visit on​ this tour that really take you back to​ the​ colonial times.

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