Taking Advantage Of Slow E Bay Auctions

Taking Advantage of​ Slow eBay Auctions.
Some auctions get hundreds of​ bids, but some go much more slowly, getting only a​ few bids or​ even none at​ all for​ days .​
Auctions are generally much slower during the​ summer months than they are in​ the​ winter - and​ sales on eBay are slowing each year, as​ more sellers than buyers sign up, hoping to​ get rich quick .​
There are a​ number of​ ways that you can take advantage of​ slower auctions to​ get the​ best price.
Wait to​ Bid.
If you bid, then everyone can see you're interested - and​ that might make them interested too .​
Leaving the​ item alone for​ as​ long as​ you can bear will make it​ look less popular, and​ keep the​ price down so you can come in​ at​ the​ last minute and​ get a​ bargain.
Make an​ Offer.
If the​ seller is​ selling an​ item using 'Buy it​ Now' and​ it​ still hasn't sold when the​ auction is​ about to​ end, use eBay's 'Best Offer' service to​ make them an​ offer on it .​
The chances are they've listed the​ item two or​ three times before, and​ they'll be so annoyed at​ the​ prospect of​ re-listing it​ yet again that they'll accept your offer just to​ get rid of​ the​ thing.
Conspire with Other Buyers.
You might not have thought of​ this, but if​ there are two auctions for​ the​ same item and​ only you and​ one other buyer are bidding, why not get together and​ work out a​ 'you take this one and​ I'll take that one' deal? This avoids you raising the​ price on both auctions just to​ get one each .​
If you make a​ few friends, you can even work together on auctions long-term, taking it​ in​ turns to​ bid.
Be Snobbish.
Send the​ seller emails asking questions about the​ condition of​ the​ item, and​ making it​ very clear that you are a​ discerning buyer and​ will only accept things of​ the​ highest quality .​
This will make them feel better about selling you their item for​ less.
Don't Feel Guilty.
There really are too many sellers on eBay now, to​ the​ point where you can get common items at​ very low prices .​
Long-term, this will probably force those sellers out of​ business, but that's the​ way a​ market works - it's supply and​ demand.
Buy in​ Bulk.
When auctions are slow, many sellers will have had the​ same stock for​ a​ long time .​
If you offer to​ take ten things off their hands all at​ once then you can almost name your price - the​ chances are that they'll fall over themselves to​ give you a​ good deal .​
If you come back again and​ buy another ten items then they'll love you even more.
The longer you spend on eBay, the​ more experienced you'll become - and​ the​ greater the​ chances are that you'll stumble across an​ auction for​ something very odd, and​ quite unexpected .​
In the​ next email, you'll hear all about the​ strangest eBay items ever sold.

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