Take Your Kitchen To The Country

Take Your Kitchen To The Country

Tired of​ the ultra-modern black and white and chrome of​ your kitchen? Have you gone beyond the desire for sleek minimalism and long for the comfort of​ a​ warm and cozy country kitchen? Many of​ us spend a​ lot of​ time in​ our kitchens, so comfort is​ right up there with convenience. Here are some ways to​ create that feeling of​ warmth in​ your kitchen.

Let’s start from the bottom up. You may want to​ cover the existing linoleum with one of​ the many laminate hardwood floorings that are available at​ building supply superstores. Snap-and-glue or​ lock-together flooring pieces are fairly inexpensive, don’t require a​ sub floor underneath for installation, and are extremely durable — a​ good move if​ you have children or​ pets. Wood comes in​ many different shades, so pick one that will work well with your choice of​ cupboards and countertop.

So let’s think about cupboards. Bring home some earth-colored paint swatches and see what strikes your comfort zone. Try an​ antique olive green, light mocha or​ honey. Before painting, wash your cupboards clean of​ grease and grime, then lightly scuff them with sandpaper and wipe down again to​ remove loose dust. Mix your chosen paint color half and half with glaze. Apply with a​ 1-4" paintbrush, then take a​ rag made from an​ old cotton t-shirt and lightly rub the painted area with the rag to​ give an​ antiqued texture to​ the cupboards. Paint the trim in​ a​ solid color without the glaze to​ add contrast. When choosing doorknobs, try copper or​ wrought iron to​ create an​ aged look.

Now for the countertop. Buying countertops can be expensive, especially if​ you require a​ custom size or​ have your heart set on granite. One inexpensive way to​ resurface the countertop is​ with ceramic tile, which comes in​ a​ variety of​ colors and sizes. 12 x12 is​ a​ good size for countertops, or​ try smaller Mexican tiles with bright colored designs for the backsplash. After you lay the tiles, grout the seams. Charcoal grout seems to​ compliment most tile and always looks clean. Finish with two-inch wood trim in​ a​ color like red oak for added warmth.

Finally, choose a​ warm color to​ paint the kitchen walls. Shades of​ brown — such as​ desert sand, rice cake, or​ light coffee — add warmth to​ the room and don’t compete with the color of​ the cupboards. if​ the room is​ large enough, one wall could be painted with a​ darker or​ brighter color.

With all the basics in​ place, add decorative finishing touches, such as​ aged copper pots and pans hanging from a​ rack above the stove to​ wicker baskets or​ antique cooking utensils picked up at​ garage sales. a​ pottery or​ glass water pitcher filled with fresh flowers is​ a​ lovely addition.

If you have an​ eat-in kitchen, a​ wooden hutch or​ antique baker’s rack is​ the perfect setting for your aunt’s tea cozy and your collection of​ cookbooks. Now fill your country kitchen with the aroma of​ cinnamon buns made from Grandma’s recipe... and enjoy.

Take Your Kitchen To The Country

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