Take A Sporting Chance On Orlando For Your Next Vacation

Take A Sporting Chance On Orlando For Your Next Vacation

Orlando,​ Florida is​ more and more becoming a​ mecca for vacationers. There are many reasons for this,​ and one I want to​ explore now is​ the​ sporting or​ active side of​ the​ Orlando holiday.

Now,​ talking to​ a​ friend recently about sporting holidays I almost didn’t bring up Orlando’s numerous sporting attractions. He was talking about going hiking in​ the​ Rockies for a​ week or​ two. And he also mentioned distance bicycling holidays as​ a​ great way to​ spend the​ summer (and he meant the​ whole summer,​ not just a​ short holiday!). Marathon running? Sure,​ why not. (Although even he agreed that running a​ marathon is​ not exactly a​ holiday. But he did insist that when you travel to​ a​ city to​ run a​ marathon you get to​ visit great cities that you may have never otherwise seen.)

Orlando’s active side can include such intense activities,​ but for the​ family,​ or​ for anyone who wants activity but doesn’t want to​ feel they’re in​ training for the​ Olympics,​ it​ can be ideal.

One famous active attraction is​ Boggy Creek Airboat Rides. Started by a​ couple in​ 1994,​ it’s blossomed into one of​ Orlando’s top 10 attractions,​ according to​ the​ Orlando Business Journal.

They offer high speed airboat rides on​ Lake Tohopekaliga (or “Sleeping Tiger Lake”) a​ 12,​000 acre lake where you can board a​ 6-passenger or​ 18-passenger boat and really take off on​ that lake. Like up to​ 65 mph. That may not seem so fast on​ the​ highway,​ but in​ an​ airboat it​ can thrill you or​ chill you (both,​ actually,​ if​ you go out early in​ the​ morning).

Speeding along on​ the​ lake you can glimpse a​ wide variety of​ its wetland birds,​ such as​ bald eagles,​ cranes,​ egrets and ospreys. Which brings up an​ important point: the​ airboats virtually float on​ the​ water so they are less invasive to​ the​ lakes plant and wildlife inhabitants than regular propeller driven boats.

For something a​ bit more mundane,​ how about a​ round of​ golf? or​ if​ you are really a​ golf enthusiast,​ you can play a​ round each day at​ a​ different course for,​ oh,​ say about 5 straight months,​ since Orlando has about 150 golf courses with all of​ them reputed to​ be essentially world class facilities.

Some resorts are just for golf. ChampionsGate Golf Club,​ for example,​ provides two 18-hole championship golf courses,​ said to​ be among the​ best in​ the​ US. the​ resort hosts several tournaments including the​ popular World Points Father/Son Challenge.

But if​ you’re not up to​ championship play yet,​ most courses have professional coaches to​ help you improve your game. the​ city even has six golf instruction academies that use personalized teaching methods and state of​ the​ art equipment.

And if​ you want a​ change of​ pace from big time (and big course) golf,​ many resorts here also feature miniature golf courses.

For example,​ one new adventure style miniature golf course is​ designed as​ a​ Hawaiian oasis. Fire and lava pour from a​ fifty-foot volcano. Hawaiian Rumble Adventure Golf attracts people with their rhythmic music and sophisticated design. Holes range from beginner to​ advanced,​ and are thematically designed.

There’s also the​ Congo River Adventure Golf course where you can take the​ whole family high atop giant waterfalls and rocky summits or​ deep down to​ mysterious caves.

You mean you’ve never golfed your way through tropical rainforests,​ jumping over river rapids,​ and thoroughly enjoying yourself regardless of​ how high your score is?

Well,​ maybe then Orlando is​ the​ place to​ golf (or mini-golf) like you’ve never dreamt of.

There’s much more to​ the​ sporty side of​ Orlando than this,​ but for golf enthusiasts,​ maybe I’ve said enough and I should just let you make your reservations for this grand,​ beautiful city.

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