Take A Romantic Vacation In California

Take A Romantic Vacation In California

Take a​ Romantic Vacation in​ California
If you are looking to​ take a​ romantic vacation with your loved one this year,​ California should definitely make it​ to​ the​ top of​ your list .​
One of​ the​ things that makes California a​ great state is​ the​ variety in​ geography and cities,​ and it’s this variety that also makes it​ a​ prime target for vacation.
If you and your partner pampering on​ your romantic vacation in​ the​ Golden State,​ a​ great destination is​ Palm Springs .​
Between spa treatments and strolling around the​ golf course,​ there’s something for everyone in​ Palm Springs .​
If you’re looking for a​ quiet get-away retreat to​ spend time reconnecting with your spouse whilst soaking up a​ little California sunshine,​ this is​ a​ great choice as​ Palm Springs is​ located in​ the​ Mojave Desert and it​ rarely falls below freezing - even in​ winter .​

If connecting with nature is​ more your idea of​ a​ romantic retreat,​ northern California may be just the​ ticket .​
Yosemite National Park has it​ all: Beautiful scenery,​ lavish hotels,​ and if​ you seek them out,​ special offers that give you the​ chance to​ enjoy it​ all without breaking the​ bank .​
Whether you want to​ be a​ hiker out in​ the​ daytime wilderness with your loved one,​ or​ whether you want to​ snuggle together at​ night next to​ a​ roaring fire,​ Yosemite may be just what you're looking for .​
If you’re looking for a​ romantic winter break,​ northern California has great skiing to​ offer to​ both novice and expert alike.
Of course,​ you can't forget the​ tourist destination,​ Disneyland .​
It may not sound romantic,​ but if​ that’s the​ reason for your vacation,​ you’ll find that you’ll have relaxed quality time during the​ day as​ you wander around the​ park,​ then at​ night you can relive the​ memories of​ the​ day over a​ candle-lit meal at​ one of​ the​ restaurants in​ the​ area – and what could be more romantic than watching a​ fireworks display with someone you love?
So whether your idea of​ a​ romantic vacation is​ wanting to​ relax,​ hike,​ or​ sightsee together,​ you'll love what you find in​ California.

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