Take A Hiking Vacation

Take A Hiking Vacation

If you are in​ the​ mood for a​ hiking vacation then you will probably want to​ consider the​ many trails in​ either the​ Great Smoky Mountain National Park in​ Tennessee or​ Rocky Mountain National Park in​ Colorado.

Of course there are many other parks and trails throughout the​ United States but these two destinations offer some of​ the​ most scenic and majestic mountain vistas available.

Both the​ Smoky Mountain National Park and Rocky Mountain National park offer different levels of​ trails for your hiking vacation.

Whether you are taking the​ family for a​ casual vacation or​ are looking for more adventure and exercise in​ a​ very strenuous hike,​ either location can accommodate your plans.

There are more than 850 miles of​ trails in​ the​ Great Smoky Mountains,​ more than enough to​ keep you busy for your hiking vacation.

With the​ miles of​ trails available,​ my favorite in​ the​ Smoky Mountains is​ the​ hike to​ Chimney Tops. the​ Chimney Tops trail is​ a​ mildly strenuous hike with some incredible views. the​ last 50 yards is​ very steep,​ with a​ spectacular view at​ the​ very top. it​ is​ a​ 4 mile round trip that is​ well worth the​ effort.

While the​ Smoky Mountains are exceptionally beautiful,​ the​ grandeur of​ the​ Colorado Rockies is​ unmatched in​ the​ continental United States.

Majestic snow covered peaks rise out of​ the​ plains to​ reach heights above 14,​000 feet in​ the​ case of​ Long's Peak and more than 60 other peaks rise above 12,​000 feet.

Within the​ 416 square miles of​ the​ park there are 355 miles of​ hiking trails. My favorite hike by far is​ the​ hike to​ Chasm Lake a​ the​ base of​ Longs Peak. the​ hike is​ a​ 9.5 mile round trip that changes in​ altitude from 9,​000 feet to​ almost 12,​000 feet. This is​ a​ fun,​ scenic hike,​ but it​ is​ moderately strenuous,​ so be well prepared with food and water.

Preparing For Your Hiking Vacation

Tens of​ thousands of​ people hike the​ trails of​ our national parks every year without incident and a​ hiking vacation can be an​ enjoyable and invigorating experience.

However,​ it​ is​ essential that you are prepared for your hiking experience.
This is​ a​ no-brainer,​ but one of​ the​ biggest mistakes hikers make is​ not realizing the​ total length of​ the​ hikes they are on. if​ the​ sign at​ the​ trail head says that the​ hike is​ 4 miles,​ remember you have to​ hike back also,​ making that an​ 8 mile round trip.

Don't forget food and water. While food is​ needed on​ hikes of​ 3 to​ 4 miles and longer water is​ an​ essential on​ every hike. Even short hikes at​ higher altitudes can cause you to​ get thirsty faster than you would think.

You will also need the​ proper gear for hiking. I can't stress this enough,​ hiking boots are an​ essential part of​ a​ hiker's equipment just as​ a​ water bottle and back pack are.

Do not try to​ hike a​ rocky trail in​ your tennis shoes. at​ the​ least you will have very sore feet and you could twist your ankle,​ making the​ rest of​ your hiking vacation an​ unpleasant experience,​ not to​ mention getting back to​ the​ car an​ adventure. Please get yourself some decent hiking boots. Your feet will thank you!

A hiking vacation can be an​ exhilarating experience for the​ serious hiker or​ for the​ whole family. You will get to​ see some beautiful scenery that you just can't experience by passing by in​ your car or​ RV.

Plan your vacation,​ decide on​ a​ destination,​ get your equipment ready and off you go to​ the​ great outdoors.

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