Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter

Take Care of​ Your Skin This Winter
Dry,​ itchy skin affects more than 80 percent of​ Americans and​ can be most prevalent during the​ cold winter months when humidity and​ temperature drop making skin particularly vulnerable to​ dryness and​ cracking . ​

Frigid temperatures and​ low humidity can contribute to​ dry,​ winter skin,​ says New York City dermatologist Dr . ​
Diane Berson . ​
it​ is​ important to​ take extra special care of​ skin during the​ winter,​ especially for​ those with sensitive skin . ​
People with sensitive skin should look for​ products without dyes or​ fragrances . ​

If you​ have a​ problem with dry skin,​ Berson recommends that you​ consider the​ following
* What personal care products do you​ use? Sensitivity to​ fragrances and​ dyes commonly found in​ soaps,​ lotions and​ even deodorants can be a​ frequent cause of​ skin irritation . ​
Look for​ personal care products specially formulated for​ sensitive skin that are hypoallergenic and​ free of​ dyes and​ perfumes,​ such as​ all® Free Clear laundry detergent,​ the​ No . ​
1 dermatologist and​ allergist recommended detergent for​ people with sensitive skin . ​

* Make the​ switch . ​
as​ the​ temperature dips,​ your skin craves more moisture . ​
Remember to​ replace lightweight summer lotion with lotions that have a​ higher concentration of​ emollients lipids,​ which help skin seal in​ and​ retain moisture . ​

* Get vapor relief . ​
Cranking up the​ thermostat in​ winter creates more dry heat,​ which can leave skin parched and​ lead to​ itchiness . ​
Use a​ vaporizer,​ which produces hot steam,​ or​ humidifier,​ which produces cool mist,​ to​ add moisture to​ the​ air . ​
Be sure to​ thoroughly clean and​ disinfect humidifiers regularly to​ prevent harmful particles from building up . ​
This is​ especially important for​ people with mold allergies . ​

* Keep it​ cool . ​
Chilly winters may make a​ long hot shower or​ bath sound enticing,​ but hot water can actually wash away skins natural oils,​ leaving it​ extra dry and​ itchy . ​
Instead,​ take warm showers and​ pat skin dry . ​
to​ lock in​ moisture,​ apply body lotions containing ingredients like petrolatum and​ glycerin which work to​ keep skin hydrated . ​

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