Take A Beach Vacation

Take A Beach Vacation

As a​ marriage and family counselor,​ I give out a​ wide variety of​ counsel to​ families and an​ even wider variety of​ suggestions for ways to​ reprioritize their family life above other things. I was recently meeting with a​ family that is​ in​ the​ middle of​ a​ huge family crisis. Many things are going wrong and they are far from being whole and healed,​ but one of​ my first suggestions to​ them surprised them almost as​ much as​ it​ surprised me. I suggested that they plan a​ beach vacation as​ soon as​ possible and that they get away as​ an​ entire family.

Quite honestly,​ I had never suggested to​ clients that they get away on​ a​ beach vacation before. in​ fact,​ it​ had never entered my mind until that day just how important it​ is​ that families have time together away from the​ normal routines of​ life. I have had the​ privilege of​ vacationing with my husband and children yearly for as​ long as​ I can remember,​ yet for some reason I had never thought to​ suggest this remedy to​ others. I guess I was perhaps assuming that all families took time for beach vacations.

The reason I suggested that this particular family get away on​ a​ beach vacation was that one of​ their most serious issues hinged on​ the​ fact that the​ father of​ the​ family,​ loving as​ he was,​ was a​ workaholic. He spent nearly eighty hours working each week and hence his wife and children felt very neglected by him. He was under the​ impression that they were thankful for his provision,​ which they were,​ but even more than provision his loved ones wanted his attention and affection. So I suggested that he take two weeks off from work and that the​ entire family of​ six go on​ a​ beach vacation.

A beach vacation is​ great because it​ gets you away from the​ routines of​ life. There is​ no need to​ talk on​ cell phones,​ check emails,​ or​ be running here and there every evening to​ attend meetings or​ events. a​ beach vacation is​ the​ perfect getaway for couples and families that need to​ relax and be undistracted in​ time together. They can spend days on​ end simply enjoying the​ beach,​ the​ water,​ and lazy time together. There is​ perhaps nothing as​ therapeutic for a​ family than extended time together. This family took my advice and scheduled a​ beach vacation to​ Mexico just weeks after our appointment. They returned from their two week beach vacation and were full of​ laughter and a​ sense of​ reconnection. They told me that they planned to​ take a​ two week beach vacation each year because of​ how great it​ had been for them.

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