Take Advantage Of Discount Airline Tickets

Take Advantage Of Discount Airline Tickets

As most of​ us are no doubt familiar, there is​ a​ huge fluctuation in​ the prices of​ airline tickets. Depending on anything from season, how well traveled the route is, and other reasons that seem more mysterious, flight prices change constantly and radically. One of​ the most important things to​ consider if​ you're interested in​ discount travel is​ the difference in​ cost between domestic and international flights, and to​ use this to​ your advantage when you want to​ travel internationally.

In the USA, a​ typical return flight from New York City to​ Montreal, Canada, for example costs about $300 for a​ trip that is​ just over 1 hour. For roughly the same price, one can fly domestically across the country from New York to​ Los Angeles - a​ much longer trip. With very few exceptions, flights are cheaper domestically - they are subject to​ less taxes and regulations for the airlines, and they are often on more traveled routes so the airlines can afford a​ discount.

So to​ take advantage of​ this - to​ truly get some discount travel - you should look into splitting your long international flight into 2 flights. Although it's more indirect, and a​ slight inconvenience, you can save a​ lot of​ money this way. For example, if​ you happen to​ live in​ the northern United States and want to​ go to​ Latin or​ South America, you will probably find that it's a​ lot cheaper to​ first get a​ domestic flight to​ a​ southern hub like Miami or​ Dallas and then taking a​ second flight further south. Even if​ you live in​ a​ big northern city, chances are the direct flight is​ going to​ be more. Taking two flights doesn't have to​ be as​ inconvenient as​ you may think. Oftentimes, no overnight stay is​ required, and if​ your destination is​ a​ common one you may only have short delay.

When looking for discount travel solutions online, you're going to​ have to​ use a​ bit of​ creative thinking. Most discount flight searching sights are not set-up to​ search multiple flight routes to​ your destination. Rather, they are designed to​ show you the cheapest direct flight between the two points you want to​ go. So whenever you're comparing prices of​ a​ direct flight, it's always a​ good idea to​ take a​ look at​ an​ indirect path as​ well - oftentimes you will be surprised at​ the savings involved.

It is​ harder to​ easily compare different 2-flight routes, and the combinations involved can quickly make things complicated. The two general rules to​ keep in​ mind when looking for savings are that you more or​ less want to​ fly as​ close to​ your destination as​ possible domestically, and that you want to​ fly between major hubs. The cheapest of​ all domestic flights will always be between major hubs (as our New York to​ LA example shows) so if​ you plan your trip with that in​ mind it's likely you will experience significant savings.

Discount travel is​ as​ much a​ science as​ an​ art, and those that are good at​ it​ are able to​ come up with creative solutions - a​ great starting point for becoming an​ experienced discount traveler is​ to​ learn about airline hubs and patterns, and to​ explore taking to​ separate flights as​ opposed to​ one long one when traveling internationally.

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