Tag You Re It Or How To Write Slogans

Some call them "tag lines"; others refer to​ them as"catch lines" or​ "tie-in-slogans." Whatever the words used to​ refer to​ them, they are perhaps the most important part of​ your promotional writing.

Do you recognize any of​ these? :

"Like a​ rock..."
"Fly the friendly skies..."
"It's the real thing !"
"Quality is​ job number one"
"The quicker-picker-upper"

Most of​ those tag lines are recognizable by us without even including the name of​ the company or​ product.

They summarize in​ a​ very few words the essence of​ the thing they are promoting. They communicate a​ good, positive feeling or​ relationship to​ the product. They do it​ with a​ simple,memorable phrase that is​ easily repeated.

The shorter the description is, the more challenging it​ is​ to​ write. Anyone can write a​ 500-word description of​ a​ product or​ service. Now try doing it​ with 5 to​ 10 words ! Each word you choose is​ very important to​ the message.

HERE ARE SOME TIPS for writing good taglines for your business offer.

1) Start by noticing ads on billboards as​ you drive down the road.

Billboard advertisers have but a​ couple of​ seconds to​ grab your attention and sell their product or​ service. Usually their copy is​ going to​ be a​ very good tagline with a​ picture of​ the product or​ service. These are great examples of​ how to​ write effective taglines.

2) Notice other media forms like magazine and newspaper display ads, business cards, brief radio and TV commercials.

Observe the thing that caught your attention and makes the message easily remembered. It's usually a​ concise and well-written tagline.

3) Write down everything you can think of​ that relates to​ your business. You may even start with a​ narrative description in​ paragraph form.

4) Now, make a​ list of​ the top 25 or​ 30 things that are important and worth mentioning.

Whittle that list down to​ 8 or​ 10 of​ the most important things you wish to​ say.

Now eliminate repetition or​ things that are not really that necessary to​ your product or​ service.

Get your list of​ words or​ phrases down to​ 3 or​ 4 central elements.

5) Based on your final core selection, make up some phrases that will serve as​ your taglines for consideration. Keep them short and use simple, everyday language.

Which of​ these taglines would you remember best? :

"Joe's auto repair shop, the lowest-prices and the best service"


"Quality Care For Your Car !"


"The Best Tax Service Anywhere Around The Town !"


"Your Tax Experts at​ Work !"


"Emergengy ambulance service available 24-hours a​ day"


"When Minutes Count!"

Well, you get the idea!

Do some test marketing with your final two or​ three best taglines. Discover the one that works best for you and incorporate it​ into all of​ your promotional messages.

Remember, like any of​ life's endeavors, experience and practice help to​ improve your skills level. if​ you want to​ be a​ good writer, write a​ lot!

Best of​ luck with your promotional efforts.

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