Swimming Pool Equipment Starters Kit

Swimming Pool Equipment Starters Kit

Summer is​ here, which means it​ is​ time to​ consider how you will keep cool during the​ heat of​ the​ season. if​ you are like many homeowners, you will likely purchase a​ swimming pool. Owning a​ swimming pool requires a​ lot of​ attention and​ care in​ order to​ keep it​ safe and​ clean for​ swimmers. This is​ true rather you own an​ in​ ground pool or​ an​ above ground pool, large or​ small. Maintenance is​ an​ important key to​ having a​ swimming pool and​ this article is​ going to​ explain to​ you exactly what every new pool owner must know about maintaining a​ pool cleaning routine.

When you purchase a​ swimming pool, the​ dealer will likely tell you what you need to​ get started. There are several things you absolutely must have when you own a​ swimming pool, these things will help you keep your pool safe and​ clean for​ your swimmers, which of​ course is​ top priority. Here is​ a​ handy list of​ some essential equipment you need to​ maintain a​ regular cleaning routine:

• Filtration System – ensure that you have a​ filtration system with your swimming pool that is​ large enough to​ handle the​ capacity of​ your pool. This system will aid in​ removing bacteria and​ small partials from the​ water.

• Vacuum – By purchasing and​ using a​ vacuum specific for​ swimming pools you will be able to​ clear the​ pool of​ many different items that do not belong in​ there. This is​ especially useful for​ debris that has settled on the​ bottom of​ the​ pool.

• Strainer or​ Skimmer Basket – This can be in​ conjunction with the​ filtration system and​ vacuum. the​ basket will catch large debris and​ particles such as​ leaves or​ bugs that enter the​ water of​ your swimming pool.

• Pool Cover – This handy cover protects your swimming pool in​ a​ variety of​ ways, as​ well as​ your loved ones and​ neighbors. a​ swimming pool cover works to​ keep debris out of​ your pool. a​ solar pool cover will help in​ heating the​ pool water with the​ suns heat. Additionally, a​ pool cover will prevent any unwanted visitors (of the​ animal or​ human sort) from entering your pool and​ protect them from any dangers. Lastly, a​ pool cover works to​ protect your swimming pool from climatic differences such as​ the​ winter months.

• Maintenance Chart – This will allow you to​ keep track of​ the​ maintenance you perform on your pool and​ the​ levels of​ chemicals you put in​ each time, as​ well as​ the​ chemical readings from test performed.


Chemicals play a​ large part in​ balancing your pool water to​ obtain and​ maintain a​ healthy and​ safe environment for​ all swimmers. Some things that need to​ be balanced include the​ pH level and​ water hardness. Here is​ a​ list of​ all chemical equipment you will need to​ keep up with regular maintenance of​ your swimming pool:

Chlorine – This is​ available in​ Tablet (for larger pools) and​ granules (for smaller pools) and​ is​ used to​ kill bacteria and​ other harmful things that can occur within a​ swimming pool.

pH Minus – This is​ used when the​ pH levels have gotten to​ high within the​ swimming pool.

pH plus – to​ add pH to​ your pool as​ needed.

TA plus and​ Minus – to​ add or​ remove acids found needed to​ keep pool healthy.
Hardness Plus – to​ increase the​ amount of​ Calcium Choloride.

Algaecides – to​ prevent growth of​ harmful bacteria

Clarifier – This comes in​ concentrate, granular, and​ tablet forms.

Shock – to​ maintain the​ clarity of​ your pool and​ prevent cloudy water.

Testing Kits – These come in​ Strip or​ bottle form and​ are essential to​ understanding the​ levels of​ the​ different chemicals that are contained within the​ swimming pool water. These are essential to​ the​ proper cleaning routine of​ any swimming pool and​ the​ water must be tested regularly.

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