Sweden Casinos

Sweden Casinos

The Scandinavian country of​ Sweden,​ famous for its forests and lakes,​ in​ addition nowadays offers a​ wide range of​ choice for those looking to​ test their skill and luck in​ the​ casino. There are four Sweden casinos; all owned by the​ Cosmopol chain,​ located one apiece in​ the​ cities of​ Stockholm,​ Gothenburg,​ Malmo and Sundsvall. These international-standard casinos have revolutionized gambling in​ the​ country.

The largest of​ the​ Sweden casinos is​ appropriately to​ be found in​ Sweden's largest city and the​ capital,​ Stockholm. the​ Casino Cosmopol Stockholm,​ located on​ Kungsgatan 65,​ offers a​ huge 37,​674 square feet of​ international-style gambling opportunities,​ open seven days a​ week from 1pm to​ 5am. There are three hundred slot machines and 31 - yes,​ you read that correctly - gaming tables. Gamblers have six games to​ choose from,​ Roulette,​ Black Jack,​ Caribbean Stud Poker,​ other poker games (Texas Hold'em,​ Omaha and 7 Card Stud),​ Punto Banco,​ and Sic Bo,​ a​ Chinese dice game. Bets can be between 50 krona and 5,​000 krona for most games,​ though some,​ such as​ Sic Bo,​ allow bets up to​ 14,​400 krona. For those who like to​ pit their skills against other in​ tournaments,​ there are four international standard poker tournaments played at​ the​ Cosmopol Stockholm throughout the​ year. For when one is​ tired of​ gambling,​ there are three restaurants and bars in​ which to​ unwind.

The same chain owns the​ three other casinos which offer a​ similar experience to​ the​ Stockholm location. in​ Sweden's second city,​ Gothenburg,​ the​ Cosmopol is​ located in​ the​ old customs house at​ Packhusplatsen 7. it​ is​ open from 1pm to​ 4am and offers 240 gaming machines and 29 tables. it​ also gives guests the​ choice of​ three restaurants,​ the​ Casanova,​ the​ Castor (which serves Latin American cuisine),​ and the​ Jackpot Bar. in​ Malmo the​ casino is​ also open from 1am to​ 4am,​ and enjoys the​ setting of​ the​ 'King's Park',​ a​ famous local entertainment venue. the​ branch in​ Sundsvall,​ the​ smallest casino in​ the​ smallest of​ these four cities,​ still offers 3,​500 square feet and 135 slot machines with ten table games,​ including 'Wheel of​ Fortune' a​ game similar to​ Roulette. it​ is​ aptly located at​ Casinoparken 1

For those who like to​ conduct their gambling outside of​ Sweden casinos,​ horse-racing offers another outlet for that betting nature. There are two racecourses of​ renown,​ the​ Taby Racecourse,​ in​ Stockholm,​ and the​ Sundbyholms Travet,​ in​ Eskilstuna.

Sweden Casinos

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