Swapclix Pull Profit From Clicks

Swapclix Pull Profit From Clicks

So, What Exactly is​ Swapclix?

Have you been thinking bout the SwapClix program? The sales page doesn't exactly provide a​ wealth of​ information, so allow me to​ give you the lowdown! Swapclix is​ a​ particularly simple concept that instructs you to​ place ads search engines, then...when people click your ads...they are then directed to​ your webpage where YOU get PAID 25 cents to​ over $1 when that visitor clicks the ads that are displayed on your page!

Will Swapclix Work For Me?

Ok, heres my take on it! I bought SwapClix in​ December last year. With Swapclix you get software that produces your actual webpage... it​ turned out very simple to​ use by the way... and following the step by step guide provided i managed to​ put together my first fully fledged Swapclix site in​ a​ little over a​ day. Over the next 24 hours it​ generated $4 for me. The first site proved to​ be the toughest to​ put together because the second Swapclix site took only 1 hour to​ produce and started doing $5 profit. I now have close to​ 30 little Swapclix sites... easily built during the odd spare hour... and each one pulls in​ between $3 and $8 every day. That means my Swapclix sites are currently bringing in​ about $150 per day! Can't be bad!

What Makes Swapclix Stand Out?

It goes without saying that there are thousands of​ programs out there that promise to​ make you money online. in​ my opinion the most outstanding feature of​ Swapclix is​ the fact that it​ doesn't require you to​ sell ANYTHING! All you need to​ do is​ get people to​ click your ads. Swapclix does an​ excellent job of​ explaining it​ all and provides his simple software to​ do it.

Last, Question....Do You Recommend Swapclix?

The one thing that irritated me slightly about Swapclix is​ the fact that despite what the sales page promises, it​ takes longer that 15 minutes to​ create a​ Swapclix page. it​ took me a​ full day to​ create my first one, although it​ does get easier.

Other than that, I think Swapclix is​ GREAT! Its a​ dead simple program that provides you with all you need to​ create money machine after money machine!

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