Swansea City Guide Including Swansea Hotels

Swansea City Guide Including Swansea Hotels

Swansea is​ located in​ the heart of​ Swansea Bay, one of​ Wales’ most beautiful regions, with landscapes incorporating sandy beaches, waterfalls, rolling countryside and deep valleys. Swansea itself is​ the second largest city in​ Wales, and a​ highly popular tourist destination, widely known for providing excellent shopping facilities and plenty of​ things to​ do.

Places of​ interest

Swansea has a​ diverse array of​ places to​ visit. The many attractions found in​ and around the city are designed to​ give the tourist and casual visitor a​ wide range of​ things to​ experience – whether you want to​ get back to​ nature and enjoy the picturesque parks, learn more about the region’s history, or​ simply enjoy some of​ the city’s exciting culture. a​ small selection of​ places to​ visit includes:

Swansea Bay. This sandy beach stretches out for five full miles and is​ additionally within walking distance of​ the city centre. Choose a​ romantic stroll on the beach, or​ if​ you’re feeling adventurous, pick from the rollerblading and cycling activities on offer.

Swansea Museum. Over 160 years old, the museum is​ home to​ collections of​ art, ceramics and Egyptology, whilst the history of​ the city is​ presented in​ a​ way to​ engage and entertain every visitor.

The Dylan Thomas Centre. Learn about the famous Welsh poet at​ this permanent exhibition, which offers a​ yearly programme of​ events and a​ festival every year in​ the autumn.

Gower Heritage Centre. This rural museum offers something really special – a​ working, twelfth century corn and saw mill. There are lots of​ activities for the kids to​ take part in, from craft-making and puppet theatres, to​ animals and play areas.

Plantasia. You’ll discover this gigantic hothouse right in​ the centre of​ Swansea – and be prepared to​ undertake a​ voyage of​ discovery, as​ you witness exotic flora and fauna in​ tropical, humid conditions. a​ perfect place to​ visit, whatever the weather!

Things to​ do

When it​ comes to​ activities, Swansea has it​ covered. When you’ve finished shopping – and with hundreds of​ shops to​ browse, it’ll take you a​ while – then you can choose from lots of​ exciting things to​ do, like the following:

Rainbow Sailing School. Enjoy a​ taster day and sail around the Gower coast with an​ experienced guide.

Breakout Adventure. if​ outdoor adventure’s your thing, then choose from a​ selection including canoeing, surfing and climbing.

Clyne Gardens. if​ you have a​ love for nature then you’ll enjoy the many delights to​ be found in​ these beautiful gardens; come and see water features, the bog garden and more.

The Chocolate Factory. This working factory gives visitors a​ chance to​ take a​ tour and see how chocolate is​ produced, with sampling at​ every opportunity.

1940’s Swansea Bay. This recreation provides an​ authentic experience of​ life during WWII, and brings new meaning to​ the phrase ‘living history’. Take part in​ an​ air raid; try living on rations, and more.

Food & Drink

If it’s food and drink you’re after, you’ll find that Swansea offers a​ selection of​ choice restaurants and eateries, with something provided for every taste. Both traditional Welsh fare and seafood are specialities, but the city is​ also home to​ many restaurants serving international recipes, so you have plenty to​ choose from. There are also dozens of​ cafes and takeaways if​ you’re not looking for the full wining-and-dining experience. Some of​ the finest eateries include:

Abernethy’s. Located in​ the Maritime Quarter, this restaurant serves up Welsh dishes as​ well as​ international favourites. There’s also a​ leisure area nearby which enables you to​ work off your food.

Bizzie Lizzie’s Bistro & Restaurant. if​ you’re looking for traditional Welsh meals then this is​ the place to​ come. There are many specialities and vegetarian dishes to​ choose from.

Bouchon de Rossi. a​ restaurant offering plenty of​ French cuisine, located right in​ the heart of​ Swansea’s city centre. Choose from salads, crepes and more.

Eleo’s Brasserie. if​ you’re a​ fan of​ European food then this restaurant is​ a​ great place to​ visit. Spanish and Portuguese meals are made on the spot, and there’s a​ wide variety of​ wine to​ choose from to​ compliment your meal.

Gallini’s. as​ a​ coastal city, Swansea is​ noted for its fine fish and Gallini’s is​ the perfect place to​ sample it. Italian dishes are also available, and the restaurant offers pleasing views of​ the Marina whilst you eat.

Hotels & Accommodations

Swansea is​ a​ popular tourist destination and there are plenty of​ places where you can find accommodation. Many of​ the hotels are on the seafront and offer a​ combination of​ great prices with friendly atmospheres. Stunning sea views are something you’ll quickly become used to​ during your stay. Alternatively, if​ you look a​ little further inland, you’ll find many unique family-run guesthouses and inns that offer home-cooking and comfortable rooms. Other alternatives include self-catering, including bay apartments; many campsites and caravan parks; hostels and more.


If you want to​ be entertained during your stay in​ Swansea, you’ll discover numerous venues all offering a​ diverse range of​ entertainments. For instance, the Swansea Grand Theatre regularly offers a​ programme including ballet, drama, music and opera, as​ well as​ something for the kids. if​ it’s nightlife you’re looking for, then you’re advised to​ take a​ trip to​ the Wind Street area, which is​ known as​ the liveliest in​ the city! Here you’ll discover numerous restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars, and plenty of​ live entertainment just waiting to​ be enjoyed.

Swansea is​ one of​ those places that people keep coming back to, time after time. The Welsh Tourist Board is​ keen to​ attract visitors and has, in​ recent years, spent £30 million on developing a​ new attraction, the National Waterfront Museum. Meanwhile, your visit to​ the city would be amiss without a​ trip to​ the indoor market, where you can choose from fresh fish and local delicacies, as​ well as​ purchase all the souvenirs and unique gifts that you could ever want. With stunning scenery and lots of​ interesting attractions, Swansea is​ one place you’ll want to​ discover for yourself.

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