Surviving A Losing Streak

Surviving A Losing Streak

Surviving a​ losing streak is​ one of​ the​ most difficult situations any gambler can experience and​ hopefully overcome. the​ biggest problem with any losing streak is​ the​ gambler does not know when it​ will end, but knows that it​ will end. Losing streaks take a​ toll on the​ gambler’s stake and​ also on their confidence. it​ is​ this double dose of​ negativity that makes a​ losing streak so hard to​ deal with.

One way to​ survive is​ to​ just stop playing for​ a​ while. This will work, but if​ gambling is​ a​ major part of​ your life, this is​ hard to​ do. Another element of​ play should be immediately put into play. Cut back on the​ size of​ your bets and​ the​ number of​ bets you make. Do not make the​ most serious mistake a​ gambler caught up in​ this situation can do and​ make larger wagers in​ hopes of​ getting even sooner. This is​ a​ death play when drowning in​ a​ losing streak. Cut back your play is​ the​ correct move in​ these circumstances. if​ you are a​ parlay player consider making smaller parlays or​ none at​ all for​ a​ period of​ time. Consider playing fewer days a​ week or​ month. Consider playing a​ different game or​ level of​ a​ game. Change what you are doing, but remember “cut back “ is​ the​ operative words of​ strategy. the​ run of​ bad luck is​ coming to​ an​ end when you make a​ needed river card or​ hit a​ series of​ place bets on a​ dice table. Hands that have been losing at​ black jack suddenly start holding up or​ the​ dealer breaks on hands that previously were killing you. When the​ streak ends, the​ run of​ wins can be remarkable and​ being ready to​ take advantage of​ this turn for​ the​ best is​ the​ difference between an​ experience gambler and​ a​ novice. This where staying on an​ even keel as​ to​ confidence comes into play.

Gambling cycles like all components in​ life. Losing sessions can follow winning gaming sessions. No trend will stay in​ play forever, however the​ losing streaks are a​ part of​ gambling and​ must be addressed by each player. it​ will happen to​ each player. How it​ is​ dealt with will determine how seriously the​ affect is​ on the​ gambler. Knowing what to​ do and​ doing it​ is​ the​ answer to​ this negative side of​ gambling.

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