Surfing Magazine Publishing

Surfing Magazine Publishing

Surfing in Ink and​ ​ Paper Adventures in Magazine Publishing
For a​ lot of​ people, surfing is​ not only a​ sport, it​ is​ a​ lifestyle. ​
The sport has attracted people from all walks life. ​
Some had already built their everyday life around the​ sport. ​
it​ has established a​ whole new culture by itself. ​
With a​ culture of​ people with an intense love and​ ​ commitment to surfing, they have posed themselves as​ a​ good market. ​
it​ is​ a​ good niche of​ people that magazine publishing companies have definitely explored. ​
Here’s a​ list of​ magazines that have dedicated themselves to the​ community. ​

John Severson founded this very successful publication from his own garage in the​ 1960s. ​
it​ originally served as​ an accompaniment to his third surf film, Surf Fever. ​
The magazine proved to be a​ success, prompting Severson to launch the​ Surfer Quarterly which later on became the​ Surfer BiMonthly. ​
Surfer was such a​ huge success that it​ helped to initiate the​ boom of​ the​ surf culture in the​ 1970s to the​ 1980s. ​
it​ has opened the​ doors between surfers to talk about almost everything that is​ related to it. ​

One important outcome from the​ magazine was the​ environmental awareness and​ ​ movement among the​ surfers. ​
Articles about marine pollution, reef and​ ​ harbor conservation have been featured on regular sections. ​
This then has lead to the​ establishment of​ the​ Surfrider Foundation in the​ 1980s. ​

John Severson later sold the​ magazine to Better Living, Inc. ​
Fortyone years later after Surfer was started in his garage, the​ magazine has undergone several changes in its staff and​ ​ ownership. ​
The company has also turned itself into a​ fullsized magazine publishing company. ​
it​ has since then hailed as​ the​ surfer’s bible. ​

Pitpilot covers the​ British surfing scene. ​
Combining sensible articles with just anything crazy, the​ magazine aims to be the​ British surf magazine. ​
it​ links up British surfers with the​ rest of​ the​ world. ​
the​ magazine has been a​ hit since only after six months since it​ started, they already had, in their own words, a​ cushdy little office in town. ​

Surf Girl Magazine
In a​ scene which seems to be dominated by men, surf girl gives it​ a​ fresh air. ​
In fact, it​ is​ the​ only widely distributed magazine aimed at ​ the​ female surfer. ​
Orca Publications in Newquay, Cornwall publishes the​ magazine. ​
it​ merges topic from the​ usual women’s magazine like fashion, health and​ ​ beauty into the​ surfing culture. ​
Articles on famous female surfers, surfing spots and​ ​ environmental issues are also featured. ​

Zigzag Surf Magazine
Zigzag surf magazine is​ the​ fourth oldest surf magazine in the​ world. ​
Started by Paul Naude, Doug MacDonald and​ ​ Mike Larmont, the​ magazine was conceived after the​ team met up with publisher of​ the​ Backdoor, a​ Hawaiian tabloid magazine. ​
The original shop is​ in the​ rooftop of​ Mike Larmont’s surfboard factory. ​
the​ magazine was later sold to Craig Sims and​ ​ Rob Von Wieringen in 1988. ​
Presently, the​ team of​ John McCarthy and​ ​ Will Bendix publishes the​ magazine. ​

Wave Action Surf Magazine
Like the​ other magazines, wave action surf magazine started out humbly, in a​ small apartment in Huntington, California. ​
Surfers Mike Freihofer and​ ​ Pete Rocky pioneered the​ magazine while still working for​ another magazine publishing company, International Surf. ​
With two other friends, Tracy Mikulec and​ ​ Jake Knight, they launched Wave Action Surf Magazine in 1993. ​
The magazine publishing company went on successfully thereafter, creating four more publications. ​

Wave Action surf magazine initiated the​ idea for​ other publications to look out for​ the​ next top surfers by releasing an All Grom Issue with the​ article Hot 100. ​

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