Sunless Tanning Lotions Avoid Cancer

Sunless Tanning Lotions Avoid Cancer

For most Americans, having a​ pasty complexion isn’t really all that appealing. Unlike other people who want to​ be fair, a​ lot of​ Caucasians want to​ darken their complexion a​ bit through tanning. Unfortunately due to​ the​ harmful effects caused by the​ ultraviolet rays from the​ sun, it​ really isn't advisable anymore to​ stay under the​ heat for​ so long for​ that coveted golden tan. This is​ why a​ lot of​ people want to​ go through the​ healthier alternative which is​ with the​ aid of​ a​ tanning bed as​ well as​ tanning bed lotions. This type of​ self-tanning is​ often referred to​ as​ sunless tanning wherein you won’t be relying on the​ sun’s rays to​ darken your skin.

1. Tanning Procedure

- Lay on the​ tanning bed after applying tanning bed lotion
- Don't stay on the​ tanning bed for​ too long, 30 to​ 45 minutes will do
- No need to​ rotate
- Reapply lotion to​ preserve your new golden brown color for​ around a​ week

2. Lotions

There are actually a​ lot of​ tanning bed lotions available in​ the​ market today. You can choose from all sorts of​ variants and​ brands depending on your natural skin tone. the​ type of​ shade that you wish to​ have and​ your tanning bed lotion budget. the​ Fiji Blend tanning bed lotions actually offer all sorts of​ tanning bed lotions that you might want to​ try and​ they are all available on the​ internet. Various online tanning bed lotion stores you can find all sorts of​ products from various tanning bed lotion manufacturers that may not be available to​ your local surf shop or​ beauty supplies store. it​ is​ highly recommended that you take some time out to​ check out these tanning bed lotion websites.

One of​ the​ popular tanning bed lotions that you can purchase either from the​ internet or​ at​ your local beauty supplies store is​ the​ Fiji Blend line of​ tanning bed lotions. the​ Fiji Blend line of​ tanning bed lotions boasts of​ being a​ staple in​ tanning salons and​ is​ highly recommended by tanning bed lotion users. Aside from being able to​ give you a​ smooth and​ even tan, the​ Fiji Blend tanning bed lotions will actually provide you with various other benefits for​ your skin such as​ anti-aging factors and​ moisturizing enhancers. This is​ a​ great plus for​ tanning bed lotion users as​ this will ensure you of​ a​ nice looking, healthy and​ even tan. Other tanning bed lotions, when not applied accordingly usually end up uneven and​ very unflattering.

3. Maintaining a​ Smooth, Even Tone

Even with the​ Fiji Blend tanning bed lotion variants, you need to​ be able to​ choose that one that is​ most appropriate to​ your skin tone, or​ else you might end up either looking to​ dark or​ half-baked. You need the​ right kind of​ tanning bed lotion that will give you that fresh from the​ beach look that most Caucasians are envious of. Also, the​ Fiji Blend line of​ tanning bed lotions are safe and​ easy to​ use and​ are comparatively affordable to​ the​ majority.

Sunless Tanning Lotions Avoid Cancer

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