Sun Exposure And Skin Care

Sun Exposure and​ Skin Care
A little sunshine is​ essential in​ achieving optimum overall health and​ wellbeing . ​
Medical studies show that as​ much as​ 15 minutes of​ sun exposure a​ day may help the​ body produce vitamin D which is​ important in​ the​ prevention of​ osteoporosis,​ hypertension,​ cancer,​ and​ other autoimmune diseases . ​
Vitamins D is​ a​ fat soluble vitamin that is​ found in​ some foods but is​ produced in​ body with the​ aid of​ ultraviolet UV rays of​ the​ sun . ​
This kind of​ vitamin is​ essential in​ maintaining the​ proper level of​ phosphorus and​ calcium in​ the​ blood . ​
Vitamin D,​ combines with other vitamins,​ minerals,​ hormones,​ and​ other substances to​ maintain strong and​ healthy bones that will not easily break or​ become brittle . ​

However,​ extended exposure may cause many skin problems like earlywrinkling and​ skin cancer . ​
Other factors like pollution and​ the​ thinning of​ the​ ozone layer have posed additional health risks for​ the​ skin . ​
Too much exposure to​ the​ sun may damage the​ texture and​ weaken the​ elastic attributes of​ the​ skin . ​
the​ outer layer of​ the​ skin called the​ epidermis may become rough and​ wrinkled as​ a​ result to​ overexposure . ​
Suninduced skin damage may cause wrinkles,​ furrows,​ easy bruising,​ or​ brown spots . ​
in​ the​ long run overexposure to​ the​ suns ultraviolet rays may lead to​ cancer . ​
But because this skin condition is​ cumulative,​ it​ is​ never too late to​ make adjustments to​ protect ones self from the​ suns harmful effects . ​

The advent of​ various skin care products like sunscreens are designed to​ help protect against the​ suns harmful effects . ​
Many kinds of​ sunscreens are out in​ the​ market that contain many ingredients that work by scattering,​ redirecting,​ or​ properly absorbing the​ suns rays . ​
Sunscreens are available as​ lotions,​ creams,​ sprays,​ lip balms,​ and​ many more . ​
These products can be bought overthecounter and​ without a​ doctors approval . ​
in​ addition to​ these products,​ foods rich in​ selenium,​ betacarotene,​ Vitamins A,​ C,​ and​ E may alleviate the​ harmful effects of​ the​ sun . ​

Like other forms of​ medication,​ sideeffects may be developed with the​ use of​ skin care products . ​
Here are some of​ the​ sideeffects that can be developed with sunscreen use . ​

burning,​ itching,​ or​ stinging of​ the​ skin
redness or​ swelling of​ the​ skin
rash,​ with or​ without blisters that ooze and​ become crusted
pain in​ hairy parts of​ body
pus in​ hair follicles
Individuals who decide to​ use sunscreens and​ other skin care products should seek the​ approval of​ health professionals . ​
Even though most of​ these products are can be bought overthecounter . ​
They may still carry health risks . ​
a​ doctors approval is​ necessary to​ clarify sideeffects and​ interactions that may be developed while using sunscreen products . ​

Skin care these days is​ an​ essential part of​ a​ healthy regimen because of​ the​ abundance of​ environmental pollution,​ global warming,​ and​ the​ thinning of​ the​ ozone layer . ​
Without taking care of​ the​ skin,​ individuals may heighten the​ risks of​ developing skin ailments like psoriasis,​ skin cancer,​ and​ other skin conditions . ​
Understanding proper use of​ skin care products and​ maintaining appropriate sun exposure is​ essential in​ maintaining healthy skin . ​

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