Summertime Sun Sea Sand And Skincare

Summertime Sun Sea Sand And Skincare

Summertime Sun,​ Sea,​ Sand and​ Skincare
Its summer and​ the​ sun is​ shining high in​ the​ sky like a​ daily reminder that the​ time of​ holidays,​ beach parties and​ swimming is​ now among us . ​
This is​ the​ perfect moment to​ put your worries aside and​ join your friends for​ a​ weekend at​ the​ beach,​ a​ party blasting its way late into the​ night or​ a​ day of​ lazing in​ the​ sun . ​
All around,​ people are looking for​ ways of​ avoiding the​ daily chores and​ routine so they can grab some fun and​ relaxation time . ​
However,​ going to​ the​ beach is​ an​ activity that tends to​ raise some problems of​ its own,​ especially for​ people suffering from acne . ​

While being out in​ the​ sun,​ lying on​ a​ beach towel and​ enjoying the​ wind in​ your hair and​ the​ sight of​ the​ sea is​ one of​ the​ best pastimes ever,​ you​ should keep in​ mind that the​ combination of​ windborne sand and​ UV rays is​ not good for​ your skin . ​
This means that your beach kit should include some skincare items in​ order to​ prevent a​ worsening of​ your acne due to​ exposure to​ the​ elements . ​
and​ dont forget the​ ClearPores protection cream that will keep the​ pesky sand and​ dust from finding a​ new home in​ your pores . ​

Many people think that getting a​ suntan helps fight acne,​ but this is​ actually a​ myth . ​
Its true that tan drives pimples away,​ but thats only because ultraviolet rays burn the​ topmost layer of​ your skin to​ a​ nice crisp . ​
as​ soon as​ that layer of​ skin is​ gone,​ the​ pimples will appear once more . ​
and​ the​ same goes for​ sun beds and​ other artificial tanning devices . ​
They operate on​ the​ same principle as​ natural tan and​ carry the​ same risks . ​
Your best option is​ to​ get a​ sunscreen lotion because burning off your pimples at​ the​ risk of​ getting skin cancer is​ simply not worth it . ​
Avoid oilbased sunscreens since the​ oil can clog your pores just as​ easily as​ sebum does . ​

Windborne sand is​ another thing you​ should look out for . ​
the​ combination of​ wind and​ sand dries out your skin and​ may block the​ pores,​ thus potentially worsening your acne . ​
Be careful to​ cleanse your face after leaving the​ beach . ​
the​ basic idea is​ that exposure to​ the​ dust,​ wind,​ sun and​ seawater are not likely to​ have positive effect on​ your condition . ​

Bathing in​ the​ sea is​ lots of​ fun,​ but its not without risk . ​
Unlike tap water,​ sea water is​ salty and​ also contains a​ lot of​ chemicals that are not good for​ your skin . ​
This doesnt mean that you​ should get paranoid and​ keep to​ the​ beach,​ but some precautions are in​ order . ​
Just as​ recommended above,​ dont forget to​ cleanse your face and​ apply some protection cream when you​ get home . ​

So make sure you​ can prevent and​ contain and​ possible bad effects of​ your trip to​ the​ beach . ​
ClearPores is​ a​ good answer to​ all these problems . ​
the​ deep body and​ face washes will unclog your pores and​ clear away any dirt and​ bacteria,​ while the​ herbal supplement will kill any tough bacteria from the​ inside . ​
Finally,​ the​ protection cream is​ here to​ round up the​ acne destruction system by preventing future breakouts . ​
This antiacne system is​ the​ best solution you​ could hope for . ​

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