Summer Skin Care Tips For Radiant Skin

Summer Skin Care Tips for​ Radiant Skin
When warm weather arrives,​ its only natural to​ want to​ get out and​ enjoy the​ suns glorious rays . ​
But as​ much as​ we​ love the​ look of​ sunkissed skin,​ its also important to​ protect your skin to​ keep it​ looking healthy and​ youthful . ​

Take into consideration the​ following skin care tips and​ you​ will be well on​ your way to​ enjoying all that summer has to​ offer . ​

* Make sun protection part of​ your daily routine . ​
Its one of​ the​ best longterm investments youll ever make . ​
UVA rays are strong yearround and​ UVB rays are more intense during midday,​ spring and​ summer . ​
Wear a​ moisturizing sunscreen on​ your face yearround,​ preferably with an​ SPF of​ 15 or​ higher . ​
Choose a​ vitaminenriched lotion that wont clog pores . ​

* Want that summer glow without damaging your skin? a​ sunless tan is​ quick,​ easy and​ provides beautiful results . ​
I ​ recommend applying a​ sunless tanner such as​ LOreals Sublime Bronze one to​ three times a​ week,​ but this can vary from person to​ person . ​
if​ you​ reapply too frequently for​ example every day the​ results may look unnatural . ​

* Its important to​ remember another important step in​ keeping your skin in​ tiptop shape exfoliating . ​
Whether its before you​ apply a​ sunless tanner or​ after youve been dipping your toes in​ the​ pool,​ exfoliating helps produce a​ smoother surface and​ keeps your skin looking toned . ​

Removing dead skin cells from the​ top layer of​ facial skin with a​ scrub cleanser such as​ Visibly Clean from LOreal not only gives a​ smooth surface for​ applying a​ sunless tanner,​ but also enhances the​ penetration of​ moisturizers . ​

* Follow your shower or​ bath with application of​ a​ moisturizer,​ especially after you​ exfoliate . ​
Use moisturizers specifically designed for​ body; they tend to​ have richer emollients . ​
Spray moisturizers are particularly convenient to​ use on​ bare legs in​ the​ summer . ​

* Finally,​ dont forget toning . ​
Toners are an​ excellent way to​ remove residual dead skin cells,​ dirt,​ oil and​ makeup . ​
in​ hot weather,​ try keeping a​ bottle of​ toner in​ your refrigerator and​ apply to​ your neck,​ inside your wrists and​ inner ankles for​ an​ immediate cooling effect . ​

Dr . ​
Lydia Evans is​ a​ consulting dermatologist to​ LOreal Paris . ​

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