Summer Skin Care Avoiding Burns And Bites

Summer Skin Care Avoiding Burns and​ Bites
After being cooped up all winter with the​ cold and​ all spring with the​ rain,​ we​ look forward to​ those long,​ lazy,​ sunfilled summer days . ​
But if​ you​ are not prepared to​ protect yourself from sunburn and​ insect bites,​ you​ may find the​ summer season something to​ avoid rather than enjoy . ​

Sunlight generates ultraviolet radiation that can lead to​ cancer and​ damage to​ the​ eyes . ​
in​ fact,​ in​ 2002 the​ National Institutes of​ Health added UV radiation to​ the​ list of​ identified carcinogens in​ America . ​
People who work outdoors,​ babies,​ senior citizens and​ those with fair skin and​ lightcolored eyes are at​ higher risk for​ skin cancer . ​

Another summertime danger is​ insect bites . ​
Mosquitoes,​ ants,​ spiders,​ bees and​ fleas are particularly obnoxious and​ they are everywhere . ​
Their bites can cause symptoms ranging from swelling,​ pain and​ itchiness to​ lifethreatening allergic reactions . ​

To protect yourself from these dangers,​ follow the​ ABCs of​ summer skin care
* Avoid the​ sun,​ especially between 10 a . ​
m . ​
and​ 4 p . ​
m . ​
,​ when the​ sun is​ at​ its brightest . ​
Take your daily walk in​ the​ morning or​ late afternoon . ​
Many insects breed in​ water,​ so stay away from stagnant pools and​ soggy grass . ​

* Block sunlight with a​ sunscreen of​ SPF 15 or​ higher . ​
Apply sunblock half an​ hour before going out and​ reapply every couple of​ hours . ​

* Cover up . ​
Wear loosefitting,​ tightly woven clothes that reach your wrists and​ ankles; UVprotected sunglasses; and​ hats with 4inch brims to​ cover eyes,​ ears,​ scalp and​ neck . ​
Insects are attracted to​ bright colors and​ strong perfumes,​ so dress neutrally and​ go easy on​ scents . ​

* Defend yourself . ​
Use a​ spray to​ repel bugs . ​
One to​ try is​ Hamba Suka Natural Insect Repellent,​ from the​ Molo Africa line of​ products,​ an​ allnatural spray made with highquality essential oils . ​
This is​ a​ 100 percent natural product that repels insects such as​ ants,​ fleas,​ mosquitoes and​ flies . ​
the​ spray contains no poisons or​ harmful chemicals . ​

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