Successful Outdoor Paintball Gun Strategies

Successful Outdoor Paintball Gun Strategies

The key to​ all effective outdoor paintball gun strategies is​ practice. Every professional paintball team spends many hours going over their paintball gun strategies. Practice allows you to​ have individual skills and​ enhance teamwork. There are four steps you should use when practicing outdoor paintball gun strategies.


Before you even being training it​ is​ best to​ go over the​ various field plans as​ a​ team and​ decide on the​ best paintball gun strategies you should use. Consider the​ different situations you may run into and​ the​ plans you can use. Before you actually set foot on the​ field you want to​ make sure everyone is​ clear on what to​ do.

Dry Training

In this step you want to​ take the​ time to​ walk through all your paintball gun strategies. You don't have to​ do this on the​ actual field, especially if​ you don't know where its going to​ be. You can practice in​ your backyard if​ necessary, just make sure everyone knows what your paintball gun strategies look like when they are in​ progress.

Half-Speed Training

In this training method you will actually use paintballs. Go through all of​ your paintball gun strategies, but go slowly like you did with dry training. Don't rush and​ use soda cans as​ targets. if​ you can hit soda can during training, you will have no trouble hitting your opponent during the​ game.

Full-Speed Training

Now you will be running through the​ field and​ using paint as​ if​ you were playing against real opponents. it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ do this first on the​ speedball field where you can get a​ feel for​ your paintball gun strategies and​ how the​ team works. Then you can do a​ practice run in​ the​ woods before you are ready to​ face your opponents.

Practice is​ a​ long and​ important process. By following the​ four steps of​ practice you can be successful every time you step on the​ field. However, some keys to​ successfully completing your paintball gun strategies include knowing the​ terrain; having good communication and​ teamwork; and​ being able to​ move effectively.

Know the​ Terrain

Study your terrain well and​ look for​ any advantages. if​ there are hills you can slowly climb up at​ a​ crouch. Then when you reach the​ top you can pop-up for​ a​ quick look before dropping to​ your stomach for​ protection. This way you can quickly and​ easily see what targets are available.

If the​ goal is​ to​ protect your flag then you should look for​ a​ tree that gives you good protection while allowing for​ movement. it​ may be a​ good idea to​ try sitting in​ the​ tree and​ suprising your opponents from above.

Communication and​ Teamwork

Communication is​ essential to​ outdoor paintball gun strategies. Make sure you have your movements planned so that everyone instinctively knows where to​ go and​ what to​ do just by watching each other. in​ outdoor paintball games communication doesn't necessarily mean the​ verbal kind. You don't want the​ other team to​ know what you are doing so silent communication is​ important. Choose a​ leader and​ base your reactive strategy off them. Choose your leader based on tactical experience, military sense and​ nerve.


The most important part of​ outdoor paintball gun strategies is​ movement. if​ you want to​ rush through the​ woods it​ is​ best to​ stay on uncluttered ground. When you are in​ the​ woods the​ spot you step on will have an​ impact on how loud you are. it​ is​ best to​ have comfortable hiking boots especially if​ the​ area is​ muddy and​ the​ ground is​ unlevel.

Another key to​ silence in​ outdoor paintball gun strategies is​ your hopper or​ paintball pods. if​ they are half-filled they will be as​ loud as​ baby rattles. You should choose pods that are about half or​ 3/4 the​ size of​ your hopper.

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