Stuttering Treatment

Stuttering Treatment

There are many types of​ treatment for​ people who have a​ stammer or​ stutter, this article describes some of​ them. Stuttering has gained a​ lot of​ coverage in​ the​ news over the​ last number of​ years with people like pop singer Gareth Gates highlighting the​ problems people who stutter have.

Speech therapy is​ the​ normal course of​ therapy people who stutter try. in​ my opinion this is​ useful however has limited power as​ the​ therapists themselves do not believe a​ stutter can be overcome. They are therefore merely helping people cope and​ from my own personal experience the​ main advice given, is​ to​ slow down when talking and​ to​ take a​ deep breath before speaking.

Hypnotherapy is​ another form of​ stuttering therapy. Success is​ no doubt largely dependant on the​ quality of​ the​ hypnotherapist involved. in​ my opinion stuttering is​ not only an​ emotional problem but also a​ physical problem and​ that hypnotherapy only deals with the​ emotional side.

Group speech courses is​ the​ next form of​ stuttering treatment. There are many of​ these type of​ courses which will either teach costal breathing, or​ slowed or​ prolonged speech. I think this form of​ stuttering help is​ better than the​ first two however I believe that every person is​ an​ individual and​ needs individual treatment with courses tailored to​ their individual needs.

One to​ one speech courses are for​ me the​ best form of​ treatment. There is​ nowhere to​ hide and​ the​ speech coach can really get to​ grips with the​ type of​ problem the​ person who has the​ stutter has. the​ speech coach can fully concentrate on that person for​ the​ duration of​ the​ course and​ a​ type of​ bond can form. This is​ the​ form of​ stuttering treatment which I believe is​ likely to​ prove the​ most beneficial and​ successful.

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