Stuttering Treatment Stammering Treatment

Stuttering Treatment Stammering Treatment

There are many different treatments for​ people who stutter/stammer. in​ this article I will describe some of​ the​ experiences and​ types of​ stuttering or​ stammering therapy people experiment with.

One of​ the​ first places people go to​ when seeking help for​ a​ speech impediment is​ speech therapy. I myself started attending speech therapy at​ the​ age of​ five and​ I continued at​ different times to​ attend until the​ age of​ eighteen. Now I am sure some people have some very positive experiences and​ results from this type of​ therapy, however I was not one of​ these people. From what I remember the​ main advice I was given was to​ slow down my speech and​ to​ take a​ deep breath before starting to​ speak. When I observed fluent people speaking, I rarely heard them take a​ deep breath.

Another area people try is​ hynotherapy. This was something I really wanted to​ try for​ myself at​ the​ age of​ around nineteen. Unfortunately each session cost nearly as​ much as​ my weekly wage at​ that point of​ my life. I never managed to​ experience this form of​ stammering therapy.

I now believe that stuttering is​ a​ physcological as​ well as​ a​ physical problem. as​ hynotherapy only really deals with the​ physcological issues I am now not sure if​ it​ could have offered me the​ complete answer.

The other treatments people who have a​ stutter try are speech courses. These courses are either on a​ group basis or​ on a​ one to​ one basis. With each of​ these courses, the​ person who attends the​ course is​ required to​ practice the​ techniques to​ make them a​ natural part of​ their speech.

Confidence courses are another form of​ treatment for​ stuttering. in​ my opinion these are of​ value, however do not cover the​ physical aspects of​ how to​ eradicate a​ stutter.

Stuttering Treatment Stammering Treatment

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