Studying Tips The Strategies Of Successful Students

Part of​ doing what I do means that I get a​ lot of​ time to​ study successful people at​ the​ top of​ their game. One type that I really like to​ study is​ successful students that I can learn better studying techniques from. Lucky for​ me, being based in​ Oxford I have no shortage of​ students to​ study. Here are some tips that I have picked up over time. I hope that they will help you if​ you are studying at​ the​ moment.

1. Location, location, location... Find a​ place to​ study that won’t sap your concentration. for​ instance sitting in​ a​ bar with interesting people might not be the​ best place for​ you; however a​ nice quiet park or​ even a​ room at​ home could be your best bet!

2. Use Your Brains Habitual Side… if​ you decide to​ stick to​ a​ hefty amount of​ studying – it​ might look exciting in​ the​ first instance just how much you will cram in​ during the​ term, however it​ could lead to​ frustration when you realise that you are missing out on other things. Instead, just start off slowly and​ get into the​ habit of​ studying. This way it​ will be easier to​ achieve any goals that you sent yourself.

3. Gather People Around You That Will Help You… When I was studying I had friends from all walks of​ life that could help me with my studies. I got to​ know Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Hypnotherapists and​ a​ whole range of​ other therapists that would naturally allow me to​ pick their brains.

4. Those That Fail to​ Plan - Plan to​ Fail… Don’t plan to​ fail from the​ off shot. Plan so that you have time for​ studying, fun, friends, family and​ lovers. if​ it​ is​ important to​ you then schedule it​ so that you don’t miss out on it!

5. Get Good Quality Sleep… You can’t fight the​ inevitable and​ if​ you try to​ burn the​ candle at​ both ends then you will be heading for​ burnout! Make sure that you give yourself enough sleep each day and​ that you are eating well too.

6. Set the​ Standard… When you get round to​ doing your exams, you are not representing your college, your family or​ even your country. in​ fact when you are sat in​ the​ examination room you are representing the​ most important thing in​ the​ world – YOU! Raise your standards now in​ the​ way that you study and​ make use of​ your social life and​ you will gain some of​ the​ most important habits that will serve you throughout life.

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