Study Proves That Headline Length Can Impact Profitability

Study Proves That Headline Length Can Impact Profitability

Study Proves That Headline Length Can Impact Profitability!
Recently, I​ monitored an​ interesting discussion in​ one of​ the forums about the length of​ headlines on sales pages .​
Some of​ the posters were in​ favor of​ longer headlines because they communicated more information and had a​ better chance of​ catching the interest of​ the prospect .​
Other posters claimed that some headlines were so long that they were confusing .​
Some even claimed that they would take away your breath if​ you attempted to​ read them aloud .​
One poster thought that very long headlines often appeared to​ be a​ run-on sentence… even if​ it​ technically wasn’t.
I decided it​ was time to​ do a​ study .​
I​ wanted to​ compare headlines on profitable sales pages to​ headlines on unprofitable ones .​
I​ wanted to​ find out if​ there really was a​ difference in​ the length of​ their headlines.
To perform that study, I​ first had to​ prepare a​ list of​ profitable sites and another list of​ unprofitable sites .​
I​ actually already had both due to​ another study I​ had recently performed .​
However, many of​ the unprofitable sites had disappeared from the Internet .​
I​ wasn’t surprised .​
Why stick around if​ you can’t make a​ profit; right?
I had to​ settle for comparing the headlines of​ profitable sales pages to​ the average sales page .​
I​ used my list of​ profitable sites and counted the words and characters in​ each headline .​
I​ skipped any site without a​ headline .​
I​ then looked at​ sites with ads running on the major search engine for the same product or​ service .​
I​ randomly picked one and also counted the words and characters in​ it’s headline for the control or​ average group.
The results were surprising .​
The average sales page has a​ headline of​ only 10 words comprising 55 characters .​
The profitable sales pages had and average of​ 14 words and 82 characters in​ their headlines.
We can conclude that profitable sales pages use longer headlines than the average sales page .​
That isn’t so surprising.
The other finding was much more surprising .​
With only a​ handful of​ exceptions in​ thousands of​ data points, a​ length longer than 150 characters was very rare .​
Can we conclude that extremely long headlines aren’t profitable? No; there are other possibilities .​
However, we can conclude that it​ is​ exceptionally rare for profitable sales pages to​ use headlines longer than 150 characters .​
In fact, 90% of​ the data points fell within 131 characters.
That is​ my new recommendation .​
I​ intend to​ only use headlines that are at​ least 80 characters long and no longer than 131 characters and I​ advise the same to​ my clients.
This places me right in​ the middle of​ the correlation group for profitable headlines .​
Your headline is​ an​ important factor to​ consider when you are optimizing sales .​
I​ hope you consider following suit .​
If so, let me know if​ this study has improved your results .​
I​ look forward to​ hearing from you.

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